I was all happy in Tumblr when I decided to check the batb tag.

Guys. Listen. I understand if you don’t like a ship. I understand if you think your ship is the best and the other one is trash. I understand if you think all the people who ship it must read a bible or something. But
Keep it to yourself.

Don’t you see you’re only creating a bad ambient?

Where’s the need in trying to make us feel bad?

It really annoys me the fact that there’s an anti gafou tag. Seriously, grow up.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we just respected each other and everyone’s ships?

Sam and Coco have different modes of survival and I feel like they are both valid. Coco has seen blackness brutalized upclose in her lifetime. Sam’s never had to watch someone die which is another privilege of hers. She’s never had to deal with trauma like that. The trauma Coco is dealing with is why she is hesitant and complies to respectability politics.

Same old rant about KS and Canon; read at your own risk ?

Warning: It’s LONG as fuck also I’m salty af.

As a KS shipper you’ve probably encountered a few thick headed haters who lack common sense and the definition of a few words, and believe me I’ve met my fair share of those and some more

But it’s a little stupid when you think about it isn’t it?

People jump over to the ‘he’S SO MUCH OLDER EW ITS ABUSIVE’ as if being in a relationship with an older person means you’re being bullied and discriminated against (how damned idiotic is that really?)

So you’re telling me that age difference is abusive but being ignored and treated as less than you are by your lover is not? And that being with an older male is cruel but being with one that tried to kill you is not? Excuse me but what textbook did you read and where the hell did you receive your education?

I’m really sick and tired of the way everyone throws the word ‘abusive’ around so much that it almost loses it’s impact.

And the lame ol’ ‘that’s pedophilia’ bullshit.

Honey do you even know what 'pedophilia’ is? What it means? Because if you think that shipping adult Sakura with adult Kakashi is that then you definitely don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. Pedophilia is having sexual feelings directed towards CHILDREN. And in case you missed it it’s ADULT Sakura with ADULT Kakashi and that involves 0 children.

And lol, just because he knew her when she was 12, it doesn’t mean he LIKED her when she was 12.


Bitch where? I ain’t even going to PRETEND he was her teacher because let’s face it, he taught her about 0 things. Can’t even count the tree climbing exercise as something he taught her because she already excelled at it. I’ll only give him credit for teaching her teamwork.

Kakashi was assigned Team 7 when they were 12 and they were together for a few months until they entered the chuunin exams and then Sasuke left and Naruto went with Jiraiya and Sakura went to Tsunade for training.

Tsunade is her teacher. She’s the one who trained her and taught her what she knew. She’s the one who turned her into the person she is and was responsible for her growth as a woman and a shinobi.

So as far as I’m concerned he is to her what Naruto, Sai and Sasuke are: a teammate.

I think it’s horrible that people would go to such far lengths to turn something sincere and beautiful into something so ugly and disgusting. I don’t give a shit if they’re not canon and I definitely don’t give a shit if my ship’s existence somehow offends you (really? Get a hobby).

I already know my ship only exists in fan fiction but you know what? That’s what makes it better. It wasn’t royally fucked by the creator nor were it horribly damaged with everyone out of character. They’re not a married couple that barely interact with the husband as a workaholic or a deadbeat dad. They don’t have children who don’t recognise their father or loath him.

My fandom is blessed with amazing writers that can take these two characters with their same personalities and pasts and create the most realistic beautiful love story that you wonder why the fuck is it not what happened.

And I don’t mean that if people don’t ship KS that their ship sucks but I’m so tired of being told MY ship sucks. Lol, no it doesn’t. If anything sucks it’s your imagination that turns something so pure into something disgusting.

That said, the canon ships DID have potential to be great (to a degree) but then the creators went ahead and completely ruined that so I do sympathise with you if you ship canon since they kinda fucked you over with that lame-ass plot and half-hearted attempts. I’m not a genius nor am I particularly talented with writing/plotting but I’m not above admitting even I could’ve done better than that. They set the bar pretty fuckin low. My sincerest apologies.

I keep thinking if I were still a SS shipper (thank god I’m not) I would’ve wanted Kishi’s head on a platter. I think that’s the worst ending EVER. Holy shit, I would’ve been furious. I would’ve hated his guts (kinda do anyway). I would’ve wished he NEVER made them a thing just so I could keep my fantasy of them having a happy ending a THING. But hey, that’s just me.

I must say though this rant should not be takin personally it’s a fuckin rant after all. If you’re an unfortunate SS/NH/whatever the fuck shipper that stumbled upon this and is offended, don’t be, it’s a fuckin opinion. Don’t send me hate because in all likelihood I will give as much a shit about it as Sasuke gives a shit about his teammates; barely. Just block me and move on, be the bigger person or whatever.

The only place SS and NH will make any sense is fan fiction, and that’s just the truth. The sooner you accept it, the better.

Gotta give credits to the artists though, they do a pretty good job of making them look appealing in art.

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i headcanon shiro as a total player and ladies' man during his garrison days, imagine him putting the moves on allura omg

like admittedly it’s hard for me see this bc shiro is so collected (and also I myself am Not Smooth and my own attempts at flirting are like beating someone over the head with a pool noodle) but like, thinking about him maybe having really rusty skillz is hilarious, so!

They were in the lounge, snacking on something that Hunk had brought back from their last shore leave planet and had insisted tasted a lot like graham crackers (they did, but like all things in space, were just slightly off the norm), when Keith suddenly sat up straight, a very rare grin on his face, and leaned forward, saying, “Oh, this is gonna be beautiful.”

Surprised at Keith the Enigma’s sudden expression of anything but stoicism or irritation, Lance followed his eyes to see Shiro walking over to where Allura was waiting for the dispenser to fill her cup with some weird space tea or something.  Something was off, though, and Lance eyed Keith.

“What’s—“ he began, but Keith clapped a hand over his mouth.  

Quietly,” he said, putting a finger to his own lips.

What’s going on,” Lance stage-whispered.  Keith rolled his eyes (uncalled-for, Lance had totally been quiet, had they been at dinner with his family he definitely would have gone unheard) but leaned over.

“An unstoppable force is about to meet an immovable object,” he said.  By now their whispering had gotten the attention of Pidge and Hunk, too; Pidge apparently knew what was about to happen as well, because she shared a significant look with Keith, and they both bit their lips to keep something, probably laughter, inside.  

Lance wished Keith wouldn’t do that.  It drew attention to his mouth.  

He couldn’t hear most of whatever they said, but he knew the unimpressed expression on Allura’s face all too well.  Lance could sympathize with Shiro here, at least; he knew, all too well, the pain of being completely and utterly shut down by Allura.  But she’d never been flushed like that when she’d stomped away from his advances, so maybe… and he’d never blanched, then run after her like Shiro was doing, so… maybe there was something to that.

Pidge cackled.  “Swerve.”

“Rough,” Hunk agreed.  “Keith, you gonna…?”

“Nah.”  Keith sat back, breaking off another section of space graham cracker.  “It’ll work itself out.”