swag sticks

madamredwrites  asked:

Hi! For the made-up fic title: Swag :)

I’d do a cute af fic where Luke Alvez is teasing Reid for not having swag and Garcia sticks up for Reid saying he has swag in other ways and Luke is like hmmm? And Garcia accidentally reveals the ReidxReader relationship 😂

- send me a made-up fic title and i’ll tell you what i would write to go with it

GOT7-ing - Practice-ing Highlights

- junior: heheyheyheyheyhey

- bambam’s ripped up half-farmer half blue tie dye shirt

- jackson switching into various sex positions with youngjae while they do their stretching

- closeups of dat mark booty. praise the got7 film crew

- youngjae’s ahjusshi pants

- junior grabbing his tits

- are those shoulder moles tattoos or bandaids jackson i am genuinely concerned

- jackson’s screaming fits

- jb yelping & trampling mark

- momma junior holding his lil clutch & doing his model walk on the way to buy ice cream

- the little girl at the ice cream store who had the privilege of standing next to mark & junior

- markjin looking like drug dealers in the elevator

- youngjae and his hot pink selfie stick

- dance practice turns into a full on dance battle between leader & maknae ft. jackson eternally fangirling

- mark holding onto jackson’s leg. but only one. only a single leg

- jb swag walking/bboying to trap music ft. jackbam fangirling in a corner

- yugs: vwuueeiii app