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My piece for @logdatezine2016! If you have the book, I’m on page 15!!

I feel the purpose of my piece is pretty self-explanatory, but if anyone’s confused it’s a hypothetical conversation between peridot and her past self. :^) It’s very symbolic!

Almost all copies have been sent out now so if you ordered one I hope you enjoy it! There’s a lot of amazing art from friends & other artists who inspire me. I also got to make friends with the lovely zine head, which was also a treat. Please enjoy and look forward to our next zine project!!

The First Time With Jeon Jungkook

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Genre : Fluff, romance,comedy,implicit language & sexual innuendos 
Pairing:Jungkook x reader
Length: 13002 words
Summary : This is a series based on all of your first times with jungkook, from your childhood till adulthood


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“Jungkookie” you raised a seductive brow as you slowly pulled onto his uniform’s tie

“What’s up?” his back was pressed against the wall, questioning your little acts

“Isn’t this uniform a little too stuffy?” you commented “This tie seems to be suffocating you”

“I don’t know…” he pulls your waist closer as he eyed your lips hungrily “Maybe it is?”

“What should we do about this, then?” you lift your head to lock eyes with him

“I don’t know, you tell me” Jungkook trails his fingers dangerously close to your skirt

Jungkook groaned as the vibrations of his phone were continuously heard on his night table. The so-called lazy boy wasn’t catching a single break since senior year began. His obligations and future goals were continuously roaming inside his victimized brain. So many things piling up, waiting for him to achieve them, yet the boy was taking his sweet time, sleeping under the soft blankets of love and pulling them closer against his sturdy body.

“Three more minutes mom” He muttered in his sleep

The phone wasn’t vibrating this time but it started ringing which meant that he had an oncoming call. The boy sat up and kicked his blanket in a fury as he hated being interrupted in his sleeping activities. He was having the best dream in a while yet someone had to interrupt his perfect fictional fantasy of getting it on with his long time crush.

He growls before burying his face back onto his pillow as his long fingers reached the electronical device to answer the call. It didn’t take long before he gave a reply that made the recipient’s heart drop and soul’s leave from their body. In fact, Kim Taehyung was always bound to get tangled in a mess when it came to his best friend Jungkook.

“KIM TAEHYUNG, YOU SON OF A DUMB FUCKIDY FUCKIDIDOO, WHAT’S UP?” Jungkook ran a hand through his hair in frustration

“Well damn, seems like someone is not in the mood to talk to me” Taehyung felt taken aback “and what was it? Fuckidy-doo? The fuck is that? You may think you’re being swag right now, but fuckididoo is not happening, just like fetch never happened”

“Look here, you stylish looking brat” Jungkook growled on the other side before clenching his fist “You just ruined the most amazing dream I ever had in my entire life” Jungkook faked a sob

“Did you just call me a brat? I was born before your ass even got out of the oven” Taehyung argued back “What was your dream?! Was it spicy~~~~” Taehyung squealed on the other line

“There’s no way I’m telling you. I’m keeping it to myself so that it actually becomes real” Jungkook rolled his eyes before adding “Sorry to break it out to you but you’re a jinx, Kim Taehyung”

“I’m a jinx? Yeah, you definitely had some sort of kinky dream” Taehyung chuckled “Who was the chick this time? Selena Gomez? Oh!!! Was it Ariana Grande?  You have a thing for brunette girls these days”

“I don’t have a thing for brunette girls, what are you saying? When did I ever say that…” he sighed before ruffling his hair

Jungkook had a type for the past few months and it always changed a few weeks in and out. He was smitten over blonde girls with slim bodies barely three months ago and now he found his new obsession with curvy brunettes. They apparently seemed like the kind of girls who’d teach him a thing or two. All of this was a misconception and even if Jungkook did had a preference for certain hair colors, he never had the guts to ever approach a girl or to stutter a single word if that girl in question wasn’t you. 

Truth had it that Jeon Jungkook was only comfortable around you. He was used to your presence, your scent, your hair color, your clinginess and your comments. Having a type was a thing, but Jungkook tried getting his mind off of you for the past two years, which is why he fell into an ideal type abyss. He didn’t even had an ideal type to begin with , he just wanted to have reason as to why he wouldn’t have to ever develop deeper feelings for you.

“Ayyy…you thought I’d fall for that?” Taehyung shot on the other line “It was definitely a steamy dream. Spill the bean and share the goods with me”

“I dreamt of cows and sheeps running in a field! Happy now?” Jungkook replied

“The fuck? Isn’t that a conception dream? “Taehyung half shouted “Bro, who the fuck have you knocked up? DID YOU MAKE SOMEONE PREGNANT?!”

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Chris and Nina would be the perfect chill parents because: 1- mum can't yell at you (she can turn into a dragon and roast ur ass tho) 2- daddy can't see how you dress so can't complain about that short skirt or the cleavage. 3 - daddy was a hoe and always had his boobs out anyways so he can't really complain. 4- yes this ask is 100% pure organic shitpost

You’re in the right place, anon 👊 

Muhammad Ali: “Malcolm was my brother, friend, mentor and often my confidant. He was a remarkable man whose thirst for truth and righteousness for all people set him on a path that often isolated him from others. But he knew it was the path that he must walk, regardless if he found himself walking alone. Malcolm inspired me with his eloquence and wisdom. He still inspires me. Sometimes the right road isn’t the easy road. It takes courage, conviction and personal sacrifice to stand up for truth and justice. Malcolm was that kind of man.”

Jungkook:*turns off all the lights inside the dorm*
Taehyung: bro why u turning off all the lights man?!
Jungkook: cuz bro Jimin is the only light we need
Taehyung: damn u rite
Yoongi:*looks into the camera like he’s on the office*

Angelic laughter

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„Hey! Stranger!“

You took your view off of your book. Eventhough you weren’t any sure if it was you who was meant with the voice or not, you didn’t know if maybe you should feel offended. Being called stranger didn’t feel like an appropriate name for someone with…well, for someone. It was not a new thing for you to be the new girl in school. In the last four years your family had moved three times already and you always had to go to new schools. So this time you told yourself there was no need of making new friends, because you assumed you might lose them anyways when the year was over.

„Yes, you. Girl in blue.“

It was official. The voice meant you. You took a look around and saw some guy swagging right across to you. The way he walked made you laugh, eventhough you tried to hide it. It was hard not looking at him: his hair was light brown and his glazed blue-green eyes flashed through the whole cafeteria, it seemed. You remembered his face. The two of you had English lessons together with Ms Auwill. He sat on the rear school desk and usually spent most of his time drawing something. His name was John or James or something.


„Is it okay if…well, can I sit with you?“

„Sure.“ You lowered your view on your perusal again and started refreshing your mind to find a way to make your brain think about Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. You had read that book already, actually you read it about two times already, but it was still stressing and obsessing you when you tried to understand whatever happened in there.

While you tried to understand what page 44 was talking about you felt some blue eyes low-key observing every move you did and every breath you took. You coughed slightly to show the real stranger that you noticed.

„I’m sorry“, he mumbled with a soft voice. For the first time you took a real look on his clear face. One second you thought, maybe you had never ever seen someone with such clear skin before. In the next second you had to hide another laughter because of his helmet coiffure. „I didn’t mean to stare“, he kept speaking, „but I know how you feel. I was the new one before, too.“

Your eyes widened. „Really?“

John James Whatever hiked his shoulders with an innocent smile and looked away. „Actually, no. I was born here.“

„Here, in Liberty High, you mean?“

He had a white and blue shirt on which said exactly that. Liberty High. And a big blue 14.

You knew you had known him from somewhere else than only English class. He was a baseballer here in Liberty and you had seen him on the training more than once, every day after school when you headed on to going home.

„Oh yeah. I grew old with the black boards, you know?“ A tiny smile crossed his perfectly pinched lips. For a second you thought he had such a beautiful face, he could do an ad for facemasks or something. „How is your first week here going? Is everyone nice to you?“

You thought about for a second. Then you added a small nod. „It’s perfect. Everyone here is super nice.“ But you lied. It was your fifth day here and you had absolutely no friends. Not even one. This conversation was the first one you had at all, besides the talks with the teachers. You were not very good at making new friends, but the thought that you didn’t need many friends, because you would move in some months again, held your head up.

„What’s your name?“, he asked in a sorta shy way. Maybe he felt bad because he knew that the two of you had classes together. You felt like comforting him, because the only hint about his name to you was that it started with the letter J.

„I’m Y/N Y/L/N“, you introduced yourself politely and combed through your hair with your fingers.

„Y/N. What a pretty name“, the boy smiled and lowered his view on the table.

You tapped on your salver with your fingers as if you were waiting for something. Then you coughed sligthly again.

„Oh, damn. I’m sorry. I’m Jeff. Jeff Atkins.“

„Nice to meet you, sorry.“

For a second he smiled and looked directly into your eyes, what made the whole situation even more perfect. Then the ring bell. And you decided that this was enough perfection for the day. You stuffed your book in your bag and stood up with a smooth flow.

„Well, guess I see you in English then, Jeff Atkins.“

He smiled again and you could hear angels singing across the whole cafeteria. Before you left you turned around once again and stared into his face. He lifted his shoulders and opened his mouth as if he was trying to say something.

„Please tell me, I’m not a bet you lost.“

And all over the angels singing you could the sweet sound of a nice guy laughing. His laughter was so easy and uncomplicated that you could almost feel it melting in your ears. You had to laugh, too.

„Well, if there was a bet included anyway, it’d be one that I had won, Y/N.“

And with those kind words you saw Sorry Jeff Atkins vanishing into the wide corridors of Liberty High.

Favors (Part 2) - Min Yoongi x Reader

indirectly requested by @bangtaanvines (thanks for the idea; I’m a big fan)

Group : BTS

Member : Min Yoongi (aka AgustD)

Genre : Oral, Best Friend!AU

Word Count : 1694                                                          

DescriptionYou wanted to know, how giving a blowjob would feel like since you were quite inexperienced in it. So why not use your best friend Yoongi as a test object? 

part I | part III

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