swag right

My piece for @logdatezine2016! If you have the book, I’m on page 15!!

I feel the purpose of my piece is pretty self-explanatory, but if anyone’s confused it’s a hypothetical conversation between peridot and her past self. :^) It’s very symbolic!

Almost all copies have been sent out now so if you ordered one I hope you enjoy it! There’s a lot of amazing art from friends & other artists who inspire me. I also got to make friends with the lovely zine head, which was also a treat. Please enjoy and look forward to our next zine project!!

Jungkook:*turns off all the lights inside the dorm*
Taehyung: bro why u turning off all the lights man?!
Jungkook: cuz bro Jimin is the only light we need
Taehyung: damn u rite
Yoongi:*looks into the camera like he’s on the office*

what the fuck is up my racial slurs! it’s aparri here back with another yandere simulator undertale minecraft roleplay animal jam edition episode 394543840298329 and today in this episode fman122 fucking stabs sans undertale to death for senpai! alrught it’s time for the daily BLACK LONG GIVEAWAY totally not doing this just so people think im nice lol swaggy kawaii xD i used the n slur unironically before and ajhq still loves me!! lol who ffucking cares what kind of idol their kids have lol am i right swag swag swag swag swag kys xD

Muhammad Ali: “Malcolm was my brother, friend, mentor and often my confidant. He was a remarkable man whose thirst for truth and righteousness for all people set him on a path that often isolated him from others. But he knew it was the path that he must walk, regardless if he found himself walking alone. Malcolm inspired me with his eloquence and wisdom. He still inspires me. Sometimes the right road isn’t the easy road. It takes courage, conviction and personal sacrifice to stand up for truth and justice. Malcolm was that kind of man.”