swag packs

i know, this part is already overwhelming as is but to make things worse, let’s look at each one individually (kind of?), shall we?

first we have the squad in black (already a concept on its own): jungkook slaying us completely with this very disrespectful shoulder roll, rapmon giving us the definition of a body wave and jin being extra rude by casually looking away like it’s no big deal

then we have yoonseok, the ship of all ships: yoongi feels like it’s necessary to casually look away as well as if his swag-packed wave wasn’t already enough and hobi.. i am speechless, he is the kind of body rolls and majestic hair flips

lastly we have taetae singing his heart out while chim has no chill and wrecks everyone feat. the jibooty

that’s it, i am officially done 

thank you for your attention and goodbye

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CONTEST!!! Burger Merger Coming Soon! Stay tuned for dates & details…. In the meantime, can you guess who we’re cooking up these flavors with? Also, this is the #vegan option, and it’s nothing shy of DELICIOUS! We will pick 1 winner at random who will get a swag pack for this release, all you have to do is guess who we’re teaming up with, and tag a friend in this post!…. Let the guessing begin! #vegan #vegansofig #chinatown #burgerlords #burgermerger

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