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The Swag Master Min Suga anointing fans during TRB in Manila XD

Also lemme just say the LoK fandom is an oddball in that it’s all really friendly & open minded. It probably helps instead of hinders that we are few, we are old and we are story-driven hype. Having been in the cauldron of drama that is the Naruto Fandom for over a decade I have HELLA clarity on the matter. Like I’m really supportive of everyone & it’s really nice that you guys share everything. I’m just glad I found Nosgithics on Tumblr and I love you

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BTS AHL: Bangtan’s morning routine 

BTS: *just woke up* 

Tony: everybody say swag  

Swag Master Suga [repeats]: swag.

Mamamoo: How They Would Act While Having a Crush on You

aww thank you! and that’s you in your icon, right? you’re so pretty 🙈

snsd version; here

Solar: awkward bean. will literally trip over thin air and fall flat on her face. but she makes sure she looks good 25/8. her nails are always painted, her hair is always perfect, eyeliner always on fleek. she’s hoping to catch your attention, in a way other than by tripping right in front of you

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Moonbyul: turns into a swag master. she’s cool, calm, collected. probably cracks a few jokes that leave you laughing until you cry. but once you’re out of sight, she’s heaving and pressing her palm to her chest, feeling her erratic heartbeat. I can’t believe I just interacted with someone so perfect, she thinks

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Wheein: error 404 wheein not found. she literally freezes up around you, forgets how to talk or walk or blink. wheein is too busy internally screaming whenever you interact with her. so you’re like “uh, are you okay? you haven’t blinked in, like, 3 minutes” so she blinks a thousand times in a second and smiles what she hopes is in a cute way. but instead she looks psychotic.

“oh, what do you mean? i’m blinking just fine. but thank you for your concern”

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Hwasa: isn’t as smooth as she likes to think she is.

“oh that’s cool. so yeah we should make out sometime”

“*meet up. sorry, autocorrect!”

“hyejin, this is a verbal conversation??”

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