swag is attractive


I don’t think many people understand my attraction to older men… I am not looking for a man to “take care of me”. I am not looking for a “sugar daddy”.

I am looking for a man who will listen to what I have to say and have an intelligent/witty rebuttal. I am looking for a man who will hold me when I need comfort, who will laugh when I laugh. A man who will love me for me, despite if I have a thigh gap or not.

You see, guys my age are just immature boys. Boys who believe that they need “swag” and believe that to “fit in” they need to wear their pants so low that their ass is hanging out.

Now you tell me… Which sounds more attractive? A guy who wears a snap back with his pants so low that he has to waddle to keep them somewhat up.


A man who is classy, witty, intelligent and cultured. Who knows the importance of well fitting clothing and also knows the definition of romance and how to “woo” a girl.