swag feeling like a plastic bag

Concept: Loki as an unauthorized extremely Official starter villain ‘entry exam’ for kids wanting to be superheroes. 

Maybe the kids really are metahumans trying to get the hang of their powers, maybe they’re just trying to be super like Daredevil, whichever, whatever. What matters is it somehow gets around that to join such-and-such superhero team–Avengers, Young/New Avengers, X-Men, Defenders, Champions, et cetera–or just to earn the title of superhero in their own right, the wee would-be heroes have to defeat Loki. 

Defeat here could mean anything from the kid with flimsy telekinesis bouncing a pebble off the god’s shin to a toddler thwarting some Devious Scheme to jaywalk by herding Loki to the crosswalk. 

A new Jubilee-flavored mutant shows up with more glitter in their arsenal than pyrokinesis, but when their twinkling might strikes the god, Loki crumples onto the sidewalk, prone and vanquished. 

Loki tries to steal some trinket from a street vendor and is stopped by the child alternately speaking faux-magical spells or poking their side with a pink plastic scepter. 

However it goes down Loki curses their heroism even as they pass out goodie bags of very definitely not stolen swag from miscellaneous hero teams. Loki points out communicators and superhero phone numbers that the kids should call as often as physically possible. Like, constantly. Especially in the middle of the night. Superheroes love that. 

hey so this is my kinda-sorta-not really masterpost/price list for dashcon

i’ll be at table #102 next weekend, right near the entrance, come say hi!!

  • t-shirts are $20, and include the “murder”, “cannibalism”, “superwholock”, and “glorious purses” designs and also come with a free matching pin
  • pin sets are going to be $12 for a complete set of 8, and include the lotr, pacific rim, harry potter, avengers, doctor who, sherlock (set 1), loki, star trek, hannibal, and spn sets to choose from
  • individual pins are $2.50 for 1, $6 for 3, $10 for 6, $12 for 8, and $1.50 for each pin if you buy 8+
  • prints are going to be $7 or 2 for $10 for the 8.5x11, and $12 or 2 for $20 for the 11x17 (you also have the option to get them signed!). designs are tentative, you’d have to check which ones i have at the table
  • pencil bags are $15 and include avengers, hannibal, and spn designs to choose from
  • mystery bags are $15 and include 8 random pins, 2 random bookmarks, and one random charm
  • charms are $7 each and i’m too lazy to list all of them but i have a bunch of avengers and spn charms and maybe a hannibal idk
  • hair bows are $5 a piece and include a sherlock, hannibal, or avengers fabric to choose from in a variety of different colors!
  • doodle books are $5 and are either sherlock or avengers themed (you could also color them like a coloring book since theyre all b&w!)
  • sticker packs are $5 and include 10 stickers, i will have cap and sherlock packs there (the sherlock packs are REALLY limited)
  • i will have two bowls of $1 pins, one will be misprint/discontinued designs in the 1.25" size, and the other will be of the 1" mini pins, and all of them are only $1!
  • tote bags are $30 each and include 8 free pins of your choice! (i know i said if you spent $50 or more you’d get a free bag buuuutttt i’m dumb and spent too much on the tote bags so i’m just going to throw free pins at you instead). designs include the sherlock pattern and the bucky design that says “FUUUUUUUTURE”
  • commissions are going to be tentative, ask me at the table about them! i do not take homestuck or wtnv commissions, sorry!
  • business cards are free obviously take as many as you want and give them to people i don’t care (just don’t take like 100)

i will be accepting credit/debt cards, because i know a lot of people don’t want to carry cash around, but i will also be accepting cash obviously

as far as bags go to carry your swag around in, i will not have spare plastic bags around! i will have tote bags, but you would have to buy one! i will also have paper lunch sacks for if you buy lots of small stuff like pins!

i miiiight be forgetting something but if you’re curious about anything feel free to drop me an ask! see you at the con!