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EXO Reaction to: Singer girlfriend rapping



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Kris: He struggled to contain himself, as seeing you go from 0 to 100 real quick vocals to rap made little Kreas twitch in his pants.

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Suho: Seeing you on stage, looking beautiful as you sang then breaking out into a sick rap, body language changing to ooze sex appeal and swag; his jaw dropped. He was surprised, proud and a little turned on.

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Lay: He turned to Chen, who was sitting next to him, and blinked blankly. Then a sweet smile formed on his face, once it sunk in, and he danced along to the beat of your rap.

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Chen: A little bit hurt that you hadn’t told him you would be rapping, at first he sat with a blank look on his face. But then he chuckled, unable to help being in awe of your talent. He whipped out his phone, recording you in order to play your rap part to you whenever he wanted to annoy you. And he swayed his arms, locking eyes with you while you rapped little shit

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Chanyeol: He spazzed out, grinning and clapping before mouthing the words and dancing along with you. He had been the biggest fan of your group, even before he was your bf, so he couldn’t contain his fanboy feels as the lead vocal broke out into a rap.

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D.O: He noticed how your rap started off unsure, probably because you were nervous about rapping for the first time. He wished you had told him about it, so that he could have cheered you on and supported you instead of you facing it all alone. He made sure to praise you a lot after the show, so you would know that you killed it.

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Tao: Initially, he was jealous. He wanted to be able to go from singing to perfect rapping like that, but as the boys started teasing him, he decided to use your talent to his advantage. “My girlfriend is on a different level – no wonder she’s dating me!”

Kai: He gaped from surprise, then danced in his seat to the beat. When you went back to vocals after rapping, he swayed his arms in the air, as if he were at a concert.

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Sehun: With bulging eyes, he looked at EXO before smirking slyly. “My jagi is very good with her mouth” horny maknae