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What was the onceler fandom?

Buckle up and let me take you on a journey of meta, madness, and things going very very strangely as best as I can recall.

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hey so i like stalked your art tag and i am very curious about swoncest. like wat. like im looking and i see it has something to do with the lorax and the oncler and i feel really bad cause im in the lorax/oncler fandoma nd i have no idea whats going on and wat. yellow glowy eyes. blood. swag. waaaaaaaaaaaaattttttttttttttttttttttt

uhhh if you’re in that fandom then I honestly don’t know how you don’t know what’s going on since it’s like the most popular ship there? (or at least it was when I was in it)

umm um um um um okay so, HISTORY TIME. Basically:

the LORAX FANDOM realized that the Once-ler was obviously the best character so they turned into THE ONCE-LER FANDOM and proceeded to mostly obsess over him, and then people started making ask blogs for him but since there were so many, none of them were unique, so people started thinking, “hmm, how do I get my ask blog to be unique?” and so they started creating alternate versions of the Once-ler like Swag Once-ler and Bitter Once-ler and Gentleman Once-ler and One-ler (cannibal Once-ler), and soon these characters became more popular than the original character himself so they became the ONCE-LER ASK BLOG FANDOM and every Once-ler was shipped with himself and everybody kissed each other/had sex with each other platonically at least once. And then AUs and magic!anons happened and soon there was a Camp Weehawken AU and a Thneedville High (highschool) AU and a Truffula Flu (zombie apocalypse) AU and the original AU kind of was forgotten and the highschool AU seemed to be the most popular so that became the mainverse and then eventually these characters became so developed that they weren’t really Once-lers anymore so they dropped “Once-ler” from the title and became the ASKBLOG FANDOM, more commonly known as HALL PA$$.

I was there from the very beginning of the Lorax fandom so I got to see it evolve and it was pretty neat, but once it turned into the Once-ler Askblog fandom, I was only really following Swag and One, and that was okay in the beginning where there were only like five characters that made up Hall Pa$$ because you could still get the whole story from only visiting two blogs, but now there’s a gazillion and a half and not everyone’s stories connect a lot so I only really know what’s going on with Swag and One right now since they’re the only ones I follow.

and people ship Swag and One since they’re best friends and it’s called swoncest but since they’ve been deoncelerized their names are now Oliver and Gabriel but the ship name is still swoncest and it used to be my main OTP but now it is not because Free! happened

and that’s how babies are made