someone please imagine with me…….mp100 pirate au. Mob is first mate/cabin boy/swabby for Captain Reigen Arataka on the SS. Spirits and Such. They don’t steal from other pirates, they’re really ex-pirates- they mostly just salvage buried/hidden treasure and take on odd jobs on shore and exorcise ghost ships. Dimple is an ex-spirit captain and his dream is to be the king of the seas. Teru is a notorious pirate captain who’s ruthless in his ways and gains his money and power through his psychic powers but after losing to Mob he sees the light and uses his piratey ways to do some robin hood-ing and fighting the government and being a good person in general. Claw is either the government or the biggest, baddest pirates on the sea.

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So... antarestyl said that Fellby loves Grillby? Does Grillby loves Fellby back? And where does Swabby fit into it, does Fellby have an crush on him?

Of course Grillby loves Fellby, he wouldn’t put up with all his shit otherwise. Though he does seriously wish that Fellby would learn how to stay out of trouble or at least ask for his help if / when he could not do so…
Overall, Grillby still sees the little spark who was his childhood friend within Fellby which causes his own past self to shove its way to the surface and declare that Fellby can do not wrong and he just spoils the flame rotten!
                 Actually… that’s part of what’s wrong with Fellby now ^^;

Swabby, well… Fellby gets highly annoyed by the little yellow flame, its true. However, he can not help but to be impressed by the fact that Swabby would so willingly stand up and poke at him as he does. He actually does tend to like the little arguments and spats they have even if he (Fellby) sometimes goes out-of-line with them…
All in all, Fellby isn’t really sure his exact relationship with Swabby but kinda feels that, especially watching the boys interactions at times, Swabby is the younger brother he never had. He doesn’t want to see him harmed yet at the same time he so wants to just grab him and shaking him for all the blackmailing.


OoC: Assertive!Sans.

Guess who have the tablet. And guess who forgot how use it.

Let’s play a game. Who’s the virgin?


I’ve lost.

This will be a NSFW comic, so the continuation don’t will be post here. You can see the notes and see the reblogs for that.

The continuation will be made by: @sottocodasins

I’m out. I forgot how the fuck use the Sai. Paint, here I go!