swaaag :

Whatsapp~Gruppe ❤️❤️❤️

Heiooo Leute
Meine supergalaktischcoole Whatsappgruppe sucht noch paar coole Mitglieder ❤️❤️❤️
Wenn ihr rein wollt, meldet euch ❤️❤️❤️
Würde mich abartig doll freuen ❤️❤️❤️
Schreibt mir eure Nummern…liket…rebloggt…
Und dann melde ich mich bei euch oder ihr euch halt bei mir…❤️❤️
Freu mich auf euch süßen ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Small students in a giant school

“Yinnie! It has been a while since I have said anything, I hope you are doing well❤️ Anyway I am in class right now and I just thought about pocket Astro at school, can you do a imagine were they went to school with you? If you are taking requests anyway and haven’t done this already, if you have you can ignore this. I think it would be so cute ^^ ~ cutie pie anon”

I’m always taking requests my dear ! I don’t get enough requests to turn them down so you can send as many as you want ~

“Woah, this place is so big !”

“You’re right, it’s bigger than my former school. From your tiny height it must look gigantesque”

Your tiny friends all look around them impressed as you walk through your school. All except pocket Sanha who just brags to his hyungs.

“He, I’ve been there many times already ~”

“I bet y/n is a top class student, the most intelligent one !”

“And the most popular one too !”

Pocket Moonbin obviously becomes his possessive self at the thought of boys revolving around you all day.

“What ?! Looks like I’ll have a lot of work here..”

“Binnie stop it”

“Rocky-ah, I’ll need your help this time”

“Leave it to me ! We’ll protect y/n from those big guys together”

“Like I said, stop it !”

Ignoring the boys’ antics you enter your classroom and join your friends who immediately coo at the sight of more tiny cuties. Then a classmate hesitantly comes to you and asks to copy a part of your essay. This time pocket Eunwoo is the one changing attitude as he goes full mom mode on.

“Hey, how dare you ask such a thing ? Do it yourself or don’t do it and just assume it ! You have to be more responsible, school is important for your future. It helps you grow up well and hard work is always rewarded so-”

“Eunwoo calm down, you’re scaring him… It’s ok, I didn’t do it either anyways.”

“What ?! Y/n, you’re neglecting school now ? I knew I shouldn’t have stopped helping you… I wasn’t very helpful but at least you were doing your homework”

“Don’t overreact, I’m not neglecting school. I just forgot to do this essay this time because you guys kept distracting me”

“Hum, y/n ?”

“What is it, Jinjin ? Don’t deny the fact that you all seek for my attention 24 hours a day”

“That’s not it. Just… your classmates are staring at us. And they’re kind of scary…”

This is only then that you notice everyone in the room -even your teacher who just came in-  is turned towards you, their mouth wide open.

“Y/n… what are those ??”

“They are so tiny !”

“They’re moving ! Are they really alive ?”

“Kyah, so cute ! I want one too”

The pocket boys get scared by all that attention, everyone hiding behind their leader.

“Aw, one of them is protecting the others ! They’re so cute, can I keep one ?”

“Why him thought ? He seems to be the smallest of them all”

“… Jinjin-hyung, I think they like us. They’re smiling the same way y/n does when we act cute”

“I think so too… We should verify it, Sanha show them some aegyo !”

Pocket Sanha shyly walks towards the spectators then executes his signature aegyo, making all the girls coo and fake fainting. The boys melt on the spot, but they’re too “manly” to admit such a thing.

The class is now long forgotten as the small stars have fun with their new fans. Pocket Mj, Jinjin, Moonbin and Rocky don’t miss a chance to show off their talents while Sanha and Eunwoo let people get impressed by their cuteness or beauty. 

“This boy is much more pretty than I am… I want to be jealous but he looks so innocent, I can’t”

“Look at this one ! He keeps spinning around, how cute is that”

“I’m not cute ! I’m swag… *spins again and makes a pose* Rocky SWAAAG”

“Aw so cute ! I wanna bring him home ~”

“No ! I’m not cute ! I am-”

Pocket Rocky lets out an exasperate sigh then dramatically falls on his knees, making everyone laugh.


“Hey y/n, we had a lot of fun today. Can we come back again ?“

“And can we bring our own lunch too ? The food there isn’t as good as yours”

“Ok, if you promise not to disturb the lesson this time. My first class got postponed because of you guys”

“Promise ! But you have to promise you’ll do your homework seriously from now on”

You chuckle at pocket Eunwoo’s motherly words as you wait for your bus home. The boys are all seated either on your shoulders or in your pockets and excitedly chat about today’s experience.

souyo prompt: the souji intake.

prompt requestDo you still want souyo prompts? Because I would love to see Yosuke being a touchy feely kind of drunk and going on and on about his partner.

Here you go anon.

—  ♕ —

“You really are just ah-aaaaaamazing though-”

Souji could already feel his lips tugging into a smile for the umpteenth time that night.

Yosuke had ended up getting his hands on some beer through some friend or another who had owed him a favor of some sort. Of course, this meant them having a sleepover ASAP and somehow it had ended up with Yosuke being slightly drunker than Souji.

“So perfect like, your hair- and your clothes always s-sooo fash-fashionable- walk, walk fashion baby-”

Yosuke ran his hand along the top of Souji’s head, feeling the softness of said hair as strands slipped through his fingers. With a slight giggle, he then sipped more of his beer before moving his hand down along Souij’s neckline.

“Popped collars-mm…you like came up with swaaag..”

“Yosuke, how drunk are you?” Souji asked, already sensing it was a fair amount. As he reached to gently grab a hold of Yosuke’s wandering hand at his collarbone, Souji stared at him curiously.

“Not as much as you-!”

Souji laughed. Clearly the drinking game Yosuke had suggested has been his own undoing. It was..interesting seeing how loose Yosuke was now. Normally he would seem a little tense when Souji would attempt to get close to him even in just small ways.

But here Yosuke was openly inviting it.

The slightly more sober of the two noticed how the other shifted closer on the couch. “Well you seem to like this anyways.” Souji could feel Yosuke’s warmth practically radiating near his chest now.

“Ilikeyouthatswhy.” Yosuke suddenly blurted out, staring at Souji almost hopefully before tearing his gaze away and seeming flustered. “Just like everyooone else. But no one likes you as much as me-no way partner-” Yosuke made a dramatic gesture, moving to point to himself only to end up failing halfway and practically pressing against Souji’s chest for support. Thankfully his can of beer had been set aside almost an hour earlier so no mess was made.

Yew smwell gurd.”

Souji raised a brow, feeling Yosuke’s mumbled words against his chest. 

The breaths against Souji’s chest could be felt moving away just slightly. Warm puffs hit his skin that was exposed from his half-way opened button-down as Yosuke spoke again. “It’s gay of me to say that, I’ve thought about kissing you right?”

It wasn’t a topic Souji was expecting Yosuke to ever be so honest about, at least not while completely in his normal mindset. “I don’t think it is if I say I’ve thought about it too.”

There was silence for a moment. It was only a minute or so, but it felt like it stretched on from how Yosuke wavered almost as if he was debating something in his drunken stupor. For some reason the confession for Souji had been a sudden wake up call, almost sobering him up just enough to realize how close he was to Souji and how warm he was and how he was moving a hand under his chin right now to..

“Soujiwhatareyou-” Yosuke barely managed to breathe out before Souji was kissing him,  and his entire head was swimming with thoughts revolving around how amazing just one kiss from Souji was.

Yosuke felt those lips move away from his own. A string of words were whispered as he tried to process what had happened. His cheeks were darkened now from more than just the alcohol intake. The Souji intake had him feeling an array of things that were off the charts. “Lips..soft..how..”

“It comes with the package.”

Souji had to deliver that line with his genuine yet all-telling tone of voice. It had Yosuke burying his face in his hands before reaching blindly for his near-empty can of beer. His fingers only got halfway to their destination when a hand on his own made him look to the source.

“I hope you know that I like you too.”

The split-second that it took for those words to sink in was all that was needed for Souji to pull Yosuke back close enough to kiss his lips again.

It’d give Yosuke something to remember in the morning along with his possible hangover that was for sure.