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Good old times

Request for @original-vanda who asked for a drawing of Obi-Wan and Ahsoka ! (I only drew them together, not especially as a pairing thing, as I’m not at ease with it, but I still wanted to draw the both of them for you so I hope you like it :) Olso, this is my first drawing of Ahsoka so I hope it’s alright XD )

What is a legacy? It’s planting seeds in a garden you never get to see.

“I think boys may have been attracted to my accessibility. Even if I did have some princessy qualities, I wasn’t conventionally beautiful and sexy, and as such was less likely to put them down or think I was too good for them. I wouldn’t humiliate them in any way. Even if I teased them in the context of running around with laser guns dodging bullets, I wouldn’t do it in a way that would hurt them.” – Carrie Fisher


I wanted to show you some of the awesome people we met at the convention last weekend! There had been soooo many cool FFXV cosplayers. So have some Ardyn and Noct selfies for a change. :)

(these are just a handfull of people we met, but there is a photo-limiiiit)

Just a test out of my dark side Rey cosplay: featuring this overly extra pose and a missing glove.(also I’m replacing kylos saber with a normal one) but its my very first cosplay/cosplay I’ll be wearing to a con so ahh :,) nervous and I suppose excited simultaneously??