Star Wars Battlefront 2 Single Player Trailer

Ensign Gadd (that’s me): Why did you have to be my mentor…

Long story short, @laivaaja‘s new character is called Basil which if you grew up in the UK, was the name of a fox puppet on TV (Basil Brush).. so this idea was born.

PS: I’m so sorry I can’t draw. My skills are in research not art.

Alright here’s the thing, I like Jack, but seeing him struggle with himself like this makes me miss Castiel even more! Because he’d actually KNOW what to do with him, how to guide him. Cass wouldn’t waste his time fighting over whether Jack is going to turn evil or not or whatever, while the poor kid gets traumatized to the point where he tries to kill himself FOUR DAYS after being born. At least Sam is trying to be positive, but his reasoning is using him as a weapon to fight what comes next. Dean is…well. What is this? Parenting? Grieving? Self-doubt because “he reminds me of too much of my dead buddy”? I call bullshit.

Give me back my angel. Don’t take away from him what’s his… But of course, that’s exactly what they’re gonna do. He will have his memory wiped, he will meet a broken Jack, are they going to end up making Cass kill Jack? Well fuck that.


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