I desperately need a new computer.

For months my computer has been giving me hell and now it has gotten even worse.. Constant bluescreens out of nowhere, it freezes to the point where I have to do a hard shut off in order to fix it.. Now the new thing is my display driver crashing, I deal with these problems every day, It’s gotten to the point where I am afraid to do anything on it.. 

Even if I don’t do anything it still does as mentioned.. I havent been able to draw much in fear that it could die on me in the middle of my work.

I’ve done everything I can to fix these issues but nothing has gotten any better..

What sucks is that I can’t afford it right now because of medical bills, I refuse to open donations but instead will direct you to my shop..! >>link<<

Please consider helping me and spreading the word, I’m not quite sure how much longer my computer will last and I would like to be able to get a new one as soon as I can, Thank you <3