14 Days of Fears

day 4: monophobia (the fear of being alone)

She trembled beneath the layers of thick blankets; even though she was swaddled in numerous covering, her body was cold from the brisk air and the lack of heat Ashton normally provided. The two of them had gotten into a heated argument. Words were exchanged, things were thrown, and now, he was asleep on the couch while she was alone in their bedroom.

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Having watched the entire movie, the only names I know are Medivh and Guldan. What was the name of the mage boy who was more or less the main character? No clue! How about the king? The guy with the sword? No clue! Must have not been important.

Maybe I would have enjoyed the movie if I played Warcraft 1?

2/10 Not enough Hearthstone

Where Your Loyalty Lies [1/??]

Summary:  Kamui’s kidnapping didn’t go as planned – She managed to get away and ended up at Silas’ doorstep. They were raised as siblings, but she has always felt different; her fangs and red eyes and urges to run amok, what did they all mean? Is going to the castle as the Crown Prince’s retainer help her find more clues? Will the war between Nohr and Hoshido be the answer to everything?

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Chapter 1: Vow

As soon as Lady Eleonore Lantanoir stepped on the herb garden, she had to take both hands to her face in horror. “Oh, no, poor things!” She exclaimed, the sight of the two bleeding children almost too much to bear. “Quickly, bring them in at once!” She gestured to the ground keepers who followed the maid’s scream.

Four of them nodded and crouched to pick the children up – since they were both hit by arrows, the men had to carefully carry them so as not to engrave the iron tips more into their bodies.

Eleonore turned around to the small crowd of servants and threw her hand to the side. “Do not just stand there and watch! Bring Winston here and go check your staves at once!” She ordered before she followed the ground keepers who carried the children to the nearby servant’s home.

The boy was already growing cold, his green hair almost grey due to the dirt. “My lady… Lady Kamui… Save her…” He mumbled, life ebbing away from his body through his wounds; the bed under him drenched in blood as soon as he was placed on it.

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Nightmares Chase Waking Hearts

Originally posted by popecalum

Pairing: Calum/Reader

Warnings: Death, Betrayal

Word Count:748

A/N: This is so loosely based on A Nightmare of Elm Street you wouldn’t think they were related, but yeah.

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me: *shows mother a picture of Melanie*

mom: yeah but look at the length of her hair? how do you think she (my hair lady) is going to create bangs without cutting any length off?

me: I realize this. and I’ve obviously thought about it. I already have my sides shaved. not like I’m gonna sweat if over losing a bit of my ponytail length. been thinking about this even before I got my sides done. but I couldn’t decide…

mom: …..she’s got a mighty big gap in her teeth doesn’t she? should get that fixed.


mom: well, all I’m going to say is that you’re going to have to get a different job some day. and no one is going to hire you with that hair. especially with two different colors on your head. no one will accept you. not with that look.

me: see, this is why I don’t tell you shit anymore. I thought I’d let you know now so that you wouldn’t be all “what the hell did you do”? it’s called managing expectations. but every time I do, you always respond with something negative.

mom: uh, it’s called being realistic dear. you’re not going to get by in this world with all those piercings (and by that she means my ONE septum ring and - oh no - my EIGHT ear piercings) and dyed hair and be okay. end of discussion. you’re being stupid.

right, because having dark brown/blonde hair at the same time is SO RADICAL.

She’s extremely judgmental and conservative when it comes to any sort of body modification. I don’t even know why I try to get her to except me anymore.