What if...

Ezarel is actually engaged with Eweleïn since their childhood ? Like their parents married them without asking their opinions like in the Middle Ages ?

Since Eldarya seems “medieval” on many things (like food), some people’s mentalities maybe stayed this way. Moreover elves (well, actually mostly Ezarel) act like they’re really proud of their race and maybe Ezarel’s and Eweleïn’s parents are really close-minded about other races and absolutely want their children to marry another elf.

That would justify the fact that Ezarel has to tell her about the kiss like Valkyon said in the 14th episode (if the person he’s talking about is Eweleïn, of course) and also their relation : they’re close and care about each other, more than about anyone else (cf Eweleïn reaction in episode 12 when Ezarel is unconscious), but they don’t seem to be in love.

Well that’s only my supposition but that would make sense, to me.

Hi! Hey! Hello!

My names Liam, I just turned 16 a few days ago, and I am from California! 

My hobbies include binge watching Netflix, FaceTime/Skype, procrastinating really badly on homework, and photography. Tbh I fuck with all kinds of music, except country (sorry lmao), But Lana del Rey, Halsey, Ariana Grande, and Melanie Martinez are my favs, but I love so many bands/artists you could literaly pick a random one and the chance that I like some of their music is very high. My favorite TV shows, music, and youtube videos that I like to watch constantly change so I love hearing about what other people are watching or listening to.

I super sarcastic and ½ of my texts include kim kardashian or New York memes. Where ever I go, drama seems to follow so I have like 3-5 rants a day about how annoyed I am or what made me laugh on that day. I love hearing about what other people went through on that day. I love friendships where we plan trips and our lives out with each other, and it’s going to actually turn into something that’s more than “what’s up?” for a month. I hope that we can can whenever, have a million inside jokes, interact on all social medias, laugh together, cry together, and grow up together. I speak english and I’m learning Spanish (I know conversational basically)

  I love those 2 am texting friendships and honestly as long as you’re not a hateful person, we’ll get along great. I am 1000% fine with any Age/Gender/Sexuality  etc; and i want to meet all types of people.  At first I may be awkward af, but in a week ill probably be telling you all my secrets lmao, and I got some shit to spill😂😩🐸☕️. 

You can talk to me at:

Snapchat: liam_awesome100 (yes I know it sounds like a 7 year old made that username, i made it so long ago and I don’t have the energy to make a new account)

kik: crimsonword (also made when i was young af, you can see that recurring theme of aged usernames here lmao)

tumblr: lana-del-ayte


Instagram: liam.canniffe

PS: Holy shit did you really get to the end of that long ass paragraph?!? Good for you boo!👏🏼👏🏼

Oboro, more like Obro, amirite? :’D

I finally managed to up her rarity to 5 star in Heroes, and she’s still a beast lemme tell ya

“I banished you for good.”

His companion grins. “Almost. Love of a good man and all that. Though,” he drawls, pointing two fingers at Edward and lowering his thumb in a crude mimicry of a handgun, “we both know how that turned out. Yikes.”

Lost Souls Forever, by @okimi79 & @riddlelvr


glims, glams and tank progress!!

i switched back to my old AST glamour b/c i missed it ;___;

also v in love with my BLM glamour (i ran pharos sirius HM and st mocianne’s so many times for that friggin caster coat but it FINALLY dropped)

AAAAAND I made it to paladin!! level 32 and no one’s had a bad word to say about my tanking yet!! (keyword “yet”) (ノ◠‿◠)ノ*: ・゚’✿