• Princess:*comes out of the shower to see Papa standing there*
  • Papa:Well hi, baby girl! Why don't you come here?
  • Princess:*smiles and scurries to Papa*
  • Papa:*puts collar on princess* There. How does that feel?
  • Princess:Good! Are we going to play?
  • Papa:Yes we are! *leads princess to bed*
  • Princess:What kind of game?
  • Papa:A counting game!
  • Princess:What kind of counting game?! *lays down*
  • Papa:We're going to count and see how many times Papa can make you cum. However many times you cum, I'll buy you that many pieces of candy!
  • Princess:*excited squeal turns into moans as Papa buries his head between her legs*

I’ve been meaning to revamp my old android ocs 15 and 14 but never got around to do much :”))

One night I just had this really awesome and detailed dream about humans and androids living in some sort of base stationed on the moon, and battling rebellions on Earth saving people.

I’ve changed their design to be more battle efficient, maybe except for the hologram ears because those are cute!! Also, both of them are agender now.