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If you do requests, can you draw anything with Niles please? thnk u

…You did say “ANYTHING” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

*If anyone has anything they’d like me to draw btw, plz feel free to drop me a message. I never opened requests but I have a few in my inbox right now and it’s been really fun so, just go for it! I’d prefer to keep any requests strictly related to FE: fates though because I’m not too confident in doing anything else.*

You Are Watching: GHOST KING (part 16)

(( Beta read by @honestoafault ))

Will held his breath as he studied the boy underneath him. He was rigid to the touch. His face seemed frozen in shock.

A blink.

Another blink.

The blinking of his eyes was the only thing that told Will he was still alive, like yes, he could feel him breathing but he was just so still.

“Nico….? You there…..?” Will asked unsure as he hesitantly ran his fingers up and down pale skin.

Will’s voice seemed to bring Nico back to some of him senses, because Nico inhaled deeply as his eyes closed.

“How?” The dark haired boy whispered.

But it was soft. Oh so soft. Too soft.

“What…?” Will questioned as he stared down at Nico, still essentially trapping the boy beneath him.

Those wonderfully dark eyes opened and focused on Will, there was a gleam of hurt in them that Will instantly felt guilty about but where there was that gleam there was a shining of curiosity. It seemed to outweigh the hurt.

“How did you find out?” Nico asked. His voice monotonous, and oh how Will hated that tone, especially now that it was being used with him.

“Please don’t do that Nico, don’t shut down on me, I don’t think any differently of you, I mean I kinda do because that information makes you so much more awesome! But please believe me when I say I’ve liked you way before I knew. Hell, you could even say I’m falling for you, because I am, I really am Nico. Because I can definitely see myself loving you. So please….just let me explain before you decide you don’t want this. I want this, but I want it without secrets.” Will exclaimed, his eyes desperately searching Nico’s.


Nico could hear as well as see Will’s desperation as he told Nico all this. Yeah, Nico was kinda hurt when he saw the picture and the card, because his mind automatically jumped to the conclusion that Will only liked him because he was Ghost King. But hearing the little mini speech he just gave, the Italian believed him. Which was honestly such a new feeling for him. To believe someone right away, because he tended to be a very suspicious and anxious person. But with Will, he just felt like he could honestly trust him. Wholly and unconditionally.

With a sigh Nico nodded, “Okay.” He replied simply.

And with just that one word, Nico could visibly see Will relax as the tension oozed out of him, but he still remained on top of Nico, not that he was complaining or anything.

“Thank you.” Will whispered to him as he slowly got off of Nico, which Nico certainly did not pout about, but he wasn’t pouting anymore once he felt Will hug him from behind and pull him to his chest so Will was leaning on the trunk of the weeping willow, and with Nico leaning against him.

The dark haired teen felt the blond rest his chin on top of his head and felt as well as heard him sigh.

“I guess……I guess I started to get suspicious after the first couple of episodes I watched. I honestly can’t tell you why, but I did. After the first 10 episodes or so I started to notice little gestures he did that I noticed you did. Because well, I’ve always noticed you. But the more I watched the more suspicious I got. I didn’t want to jump to any conclusions which is why I never questioned you full on. I may have asked round-a-bout questions but you always had a logical reason for everything so I just thought I was reading too much into all of it. Until….”

“Until the photo.”

“Until the photo.” Will agreed before he continued. “ At first it was the message. I was like, ‘how could he have possibly known that?’ But then I thought, ‘Lou must have told him.’ Which quickly brushed off any suspicion until I recognized the handwriting. Thus the card and photo… there you have it.”

There he had it indeed, and surprisingly he was okay with it. “I believe you.” Nico muttered as he turned around in Will’s arms a bit awkwardly to look at him. He was biting his lip nervously and twiddling his fingers as he stared back at Nico. “And….I still want this…..I still want y-you.” The Italian mumbled as a blush steadily spread across his cheeks.

The smile Will gave him was the most beautiful thing Nico had ever seen. It made his legs feel like jello, which thank god he wasn’t standing on them, and it made his heart stutter. Will cupped his face and slowly brought him in for a gentle kiss, it was more of a peck really, like a whisper of a promise of more to come. Nico couldn’t help the soft smile that graced his lips.

“But one more thing.” Nico muttered against those warm lips merely a breath away.

“What’s that?” Will whispered as he pressed another kiss to Nico’s eager lips.

“Please…..please keep this a secret. I know that might be selfish and unfair of me to ask of you. But Will, I-I-I really want this to remain a secret.” Nico pleaded as he pulled back.


Those dark eyes were filled with worry and fear, things that did not suite those wonderful eyes at all.

Those eyes that scanned his face for a reaction, one they seemed to believe would be bad. But all Will did was sigh and run a hand through Nico’s surprisingly soft locks. He knew it would be taxing to keep such a secret but it would also mean so much to Nico if he did, and really there was no competition on what to choose.

“Of course I will. I want you to be comfortable Neeks, I don’t want you to worry about anything. Okay?”

“Okay….” was his whispered reply before he felt Nico rest his head on Will’s chest and curl up into a little ball in his lap. Will happily wrapped his arms around the smaller boy and just basked in his natural coolness that was steadily getting warmer. He could certainly get used to this.

They stayed like that, enjoying each other’s company, not saying a word but content to do so until the bell rang, and maybe even a little after that. Yes, Will was a little late to his next class but as far as he was concered. It was totally worth it.

Conquest characters and dances

Kamui: Was too unruly as a child to learn ballroom dances, but enjoys when Jakob teaches her the zouk;

Azura: Is a quick learner and, although prefers to dance alone, her favorite paired style is the bolero;

Felicia: Is forbidden to try any kind of dance inside Castle Krakenburg;

Jakob: Knows all about ballroom dances, and although would rather not dance, the one he enjoys the most is the zouk (he’s rather proud of his shakey hips)

Mozu: Can’t put one feet before the other in “fancy” dances, but she was the best at her village’s folk dance;

Silas: Since he’s of noble birth, he learned ballroom dances, but enjoys tap dance more;

Xander: Knows most of all kinds of waltz and some tango, but don’t ask him to shake his hips, they’re as stiff as his shoulders;

Camilla: Was taught all ballroom dances, but her favorite is tango;

Leo: He struggles with the ballroom dances and secretly practices in the dead of the night;

Elise: Knows she has to practice for ballroom dances, but loves the kalinka dance too much;

Laslow: Is a quick learner in all manner of dances, but his favorite is the sword dance in honor of his mother;

Peri: Doesn’t like being told what to dance, but enjoys playing kalinka with Elise;

Selena: Hasn’t learned much ballroom, but is a quick learner. Her favorite is Ylisse’s festival folk dance;

Beruka: Never danced before and is only willing to challenge herself to learn if it’s her spouse who asks;

Odin: In Modern AU, certainly Hip-Hop; Canon setting he generally has two left feet, but excels at the Ylissean folk dance;

Niles: Generally wouldn’t put himself in a dancefloor, but surprises everyone by excelling at the salsa;

Effie: The last man brave enough to ask her in a dance still hasn’t recovered from his injuries;

Arthur: Still hasn’t recovered from his injuries;

Nyx: Would rather not bother herself with dancing, however, if her spouse asks, she might abide to dancing a slow waltz;

Charlotte:  Excels at both salsa and zouk; would try pole-dancing if given the chance;

Benny: Someone saw him doing a kecak trance dance alongside some bears and started a rumor about how bears would try to rule the world;

Keaton: Has two left feet even during his own tribe’s folk dancing;

Flora: Learned the zouk to impress someone, but is too embarrassed to dance it; Likes bolero;

Gunter: He was quite good at the waltz in his prime, still has a bit of it left.


Outback Dusk Featuring Venus, Jupiter and a Meteor - Aug 22, 2016 by Joseph Brimacombe
Via Flickr:
Taken with a Canon 5D Mk III and 14-mm Digital Cinema Lens. NOTE Venus is lowest.

hi everyone!! im helping my tutor to gather stories relating to love lol

so i need some pics of tattoos that: 

  • relate to love (romantic or platonic
  • include the word love itself
  • be portraits of loved ones
  • be something symbolic to the person

if you or know someone (with permission !!) could submit me a pic of the tattoo with a description (brief or detailed) about the tattoo it would be really appreciated!!! [btw u can submit on anon by logging off i think?]

i would also need ur name, age (can be approx) and email but u can make it up lmao (it will be confidential)

(btw this is for academic purposes + u will remain as anonymous)