okay but??? coran is so good???

  • loves and cares for everyone deeply
  • just wants the others to be okay
  • holds genuine aw and respect for all forms of life
  • always does his best
  • a l w a y s
  • he’s Strong he’s a military man
  • could probably bench press me call 911 i need help
  • checks up on the others whenever he sees they’re alone
  • has a rockin’ booty
  • probably helped raise allura ever since she was a baby
  • has lost just as much as allura has and supports her through everything even while he’s also hurting
  • was obviously close to alfor, and super trusted and trustworthy overall
  • super smart?? he has so much knowledge??? he was in the sub-tech nano-weaponry unit come on
  • he just??? has such a big heart???
  • sure he’s cute w/o the mustache but…
  • …his mustache is cute too?? and fluffy??? and probably not wiry at all it’s probs really soft
  • jawline is Cut af
  • would treat me r i g h t