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Carmen: A women of few words..but damn she don’t need none when the sass literally pours our of her fingertips.



mention of rape and self loathing

r e q u e s t  b y  a n o n s 

pt 2 for Sonny Carisi Imagine

To say your life has dominoed into destruction would be an understatement. You’ve quit your job and you can’t bear the mere idea of leaving your house.

Now, your insomnia kicks in and won’t let you sleep. Instead, flashbacks of the horrid trauma comes back to you. You’re exhausted; physically and emotionally. You just want sleep and quit the crying.

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Demons - Imagine Dragons

Something more angsty for a change!

(Also I’m kinda running out of pictures to edit and we still have two months, so if you happen to have pictures of Barson/Calhola/Calhoun you’d love to see turned into edits don’t hesitate to submit them to my blog with your imagination!)


Barba looks t  i  n  y  in the first photo 😂 😂 😂

Also, I think I’ve found my new favourite outfit. That gorgeous black suit with the blue checkered t-shirt is just 😍


Imagine catching Rafael cheat on you.

r e q u e s t  b y  a n o n

Rafael knows it’s wrong for him to be drinking this much, but she’s a child. He didn’t get to protect the little girl. His job calls for justice and it’s failed her. What’s the point of being an ADA if he can’t even help victims? 

Everything is thrown off. He knows the best is to call you, to talk to you about it. Isn’t that what couples do? 

He’s been so used to living in a world filled with loneliness that the idea was easily dismissed. You and Rafael are so happy, he can’t drag you down. Instead, the beautiful woman coming onto him seems to be the best idea. 

It went by a flash. He didn’t even remember what happened until he hear the glass break on his bedroom floor. There you stand in shock. You’re frozen. You want to deny the nightmare before you; it just had to be a nightmare. Not your Rafi.

Rafi is under the covers with a brunette, both bare. She has also woke up and decide hide under the covers. Rafi puts on boxers and scurries to you in desperation. 

The toxins has subsided in his stream and everything is dawning onto him, the mistake he’s committed. You stand unmoving. You’re in shock. In the faint distance, you hear Rafi stutters his explanation, but your mind is racing. You thought you made him happy. You thought you’ve kept him satisfied. 

You turn around and try to walk away. Tears are pooling in your eyes and you can’t help but shake. 

You feel the butterflies in the pit of your stomach die one by one. Your heart is twisting.

Rafael grasps your arm. “Say something. Please.” You want to. In fact, you want to scream at him, hit him; just make him feel the way you are at that moment, yet nothing. 

You look at him in the eyes and pull the ring off of your finger. Your shaky hand reaches his and opens it. The slight contact worsened the pain. You know that could be the last time you’ll ever touch him. You close his hand.

“I’ll call the wedding planner.”


Imagine Carisi having a crush on you but you’re dating Dodds

Our Smiling Carisi (x)

r e q u e s t  b y  a n o n s

You smile at Mike and excuse yourself.

“Hey Staten Island,” you say. Carisi smiles from ear to ear just by hearing your voice. He’s been surrounded by violence all day and hearing your voice dissipated everything.

“Whatta’ you up to?”

“Gonna drop off some sweets for Noah in a few. Want some?” Sonny moves to sit on his desk and didn’t pause in his answer.

“Can’t say no to your baking” Seeing you is mostly why he agreed, but your baking is the cherry on top. “How ‘bout lunch?”

You look up at Mike who’s eating his food with gusto. You bite your lip awkwardly.

“I’m sorry Fordham but I’m actually having lunch with Mike right now. Raincheck?” The mere mention of his name dragged Sonny’s smile down into a frown. Sonny never forgets that you’re dating Mike, but oh how he wish you’re with him instead.

“'is all good. Can’t wait to see you. Drop it off later?” You smile and agree.

“Yeah!I have to go now. See you later, Staten.” You hang up and give Mike your attention again. He smiles at you and offers you a breadstick