svu confession


I take solace in the fact that there are others out there that share my exact thoughts and opinions on Rafael Barba. He is literally my most favourite TV character that ever existed. And the fact that’s there’s very little we know about him as a character (except that he’s damn good at his job, is super sassy and must own the world’s most eclectic suit laden wardrobe) yet he’s still so compelling… Well done Rafael Barba/Raűl Esparza, you win at life.

Picture Credit/Source: SVU Confessions via Google.

“Olivia has shown she cares about Amanda & wants to protect her. She helped her & was worried about her when she got shot & she helped her with her problems with Kim. How can she suddenly just stop trusting & caring about Amanda because she found out she has a flaw? All of the people in SVU have flaws. Cragen was an alcoholic. She never stopped trusting him.”