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SVU Moments with Hannah

Me: We should watch a movie tonight!
Roommate: After, 8 because I have a final!
Me: Oh, yeah! That’s perfect because I have SVU at 9!
Roommate: *laughs*
Me: It’s important!!! I live for SVU okay!!! I’ve been waiting a month!!! They get justice and I just need justice, okay!!!
Roommate: *Silence* 👀
My roommate is so wonderful. She doesn't​ judge me for this. Like this past weekend I went on a rant about SVU, so yeah. She listens to me drone on about Barba and Sonny. She listens to me talk about poor baby Sonny. She listens to me Rave about Benson! And all about these cases. And she listens to practically yell about each episode! We both have our random things that we’re oddly passionate about! Lol!

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Even though, I’m sure she feels like this…