Barisi Episode Tag, 19x03

(7.9K. Inspired by ‘yummy.’ A canon-compliant story about Sonny and Rafael’s relationship through the seasons. No detail left unexplained, no stone left unturned. Please enjoy.)


Three Years


“Meet me at The Double Windsor. 9 o’clock.”

Rafael can’t stop reading the text.

Carisi’s text.

Rafael can’t stop reading Carisi’s bold, matter-of-fact text.

A time and a place.

Nothing else.

No ‘would you?’

No ‘unless you have other plans.’

No ‘please?’

Just “Meet me.”

Like he’s sure Rafael will be there.

Rafael is there.

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We’re All in This Together –– Law and Order: SVU 19x04: No Good Reason


Rafael Barba in No Good Reason.

This episode was boring and preachy. I liked that they had Amanda talk the victim down from pink clouding but that was it. The ending reminded me of an anti bullying video I saw in 6th grade. I’m glad Liv and Amanda are getting along.

The whole Noah plotline can go and die. Shelia is not going to end up taking Noah away. Seriously Twitter needs to calm the fuck down. Apparently only Benson can be in Noah’s life. Fuck off.

Okay I hate saying this but Barba was about as useful as he was in Townhouse Incident - no point in him being there. It’s great that he didn’t bend to Liv’s will but can we actually have him do that in an episode where he is useful?

Last but not least, why are Barisi scenes getting cut? We get a shit ton of Rolivia, Barson (❤️), Rollisi, some Fin/Carisi banter, but Barba/Carisi scenes get cut. Why? There were like 3 promo pictures of them! (Or two. Not the point) I wanted to see what they were talking about. Hell a lot of us do. But nope, that scene was cut for more ‘Olivia staring at the camera with a ridiculous face’ scenes.

It’s been almost a day since the episode aired and they really need to post that deleted Barisi scene. They promised it to us. I can’t handle not knowing what happened there.