svtfoe s3

‪・ 。‬

‪ ☆∴。 *‬

‪ ・゚*。★・‬

‪  ・ *゚。   *‬

‪  ・ ゚*。・゚★。‬

‪   ☆゚・。°*. ゚‬

‪*  ゚。·*・。 ゚*‬

‪   ゚ *.。☆。★ ・‬

‪  * ☆ 。・゚*.。‬

‪    * ★ ゚・。 * 。‬

‪    ・  ゚☆ 。‬


Life, death and rebirth of Meteora, aka Miss. Heinous.

A tragic story overall. Taken away from her real family. Raised by someone who never cared about her. Forged into a life style she despised. The very little she had, taken away from her. Left homeless and alone. Finding out she was meant to be Queen but being denied for how she looks. Finally, her life ends in the hands of the only person she had left. The only one she trusted and loved. Her mommy.

She made very bad decision, but was driven to them by people who never cared to give her the only thing she wanted: love.

Now she has a second chance to be happy. But does that make it up for everything she had to go through?

I’m not crying. You’re crying.

“You think you’ve won? Ha! You don’t make the plans! I do! Me! Only I know how this all turns out!”
Toffee in Battle for Mewni redraw, I LOVED this scene