Wholesome Week Day 7 - AU OF CHOICE

I was really happy with how this one turned out so I figured I’d post it a little early.


So in this Alternate Universe @moringmark@spatziline and their pet pig move into the Diaz’s neighborhood. The two quickly befriend Star and Marco, and join them on their adventures (with hilarious results). Also, Mr. and Mrs. Diaz love them to bits. Sugaritos are their new favorite food.

“Why is your pig wearing sunglasses?”

“His future’s so bright, he’s gotta wear shades!”



Let me begin with personal note, this will be my first post for 2017, after a whole year of being AFT (away from Tumblr). To keep the long story short, It’s good to be back in using Tumblr again.

Now, let me present this one: @wholesome-week: DAY 6 - Stargazing (for Saturday, 1/21, though today is Sunday, 1/22 here in the Philippines)

This illustration shows that Star and Marco are staring on the night sky (see the Blood Moon there?) inside Star’s bedroom balcony.

Personally, I’ve started watching Star (vs. the Forces of Evil) last year, after my other favorite Disney cartoon, Gravity Falls, ended in February (Asia premiere of the finale was aired last July). And I got hooked and it fills the void from GF. From the great episodes, and the wonderful fanart (for the record, @moringmark nailed the character art), those are the reasons why I always stick around to the show. I’m not good at doing artworks (despite I am a Multimedia Arts graduate), but this one’s worth the shot, as my entry and as my contribution. Know one’s art.

Over and out. -Drew