svt fanfic

forever in a night (m)

pairing: kim mingyu | reader
genre: best friends to lovers au / fluff, smut
warnings: alcohol mention (& some under-age drinking), drunk-ish sex (?)
word count: 15,643
description: There’s a long stretch of history between you and your best friend, Kim Mingyu. From your first and last time as lovers to the friendship that has remained intact all throughout, but etched within the seams is the very thread that has always kept you two bonded—it’s nothing short of two hearts that beat as one with an unspoken love.

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buzzes and butterflies

pairing chwe hansol vernon x reader
tags weed, alcohol, car sex, a lot of talk about sex, friends with benefits, romance
wc. 5,093

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vernon spots you the moment you walk into the living room of soonyoung’s frat. it’s a hot summer, temperatures climbing every day, so it’s not really a surprise that you’ve opted for short shorts and a simple, white tee. that doesn’t stop the sort of strange wallop in his chest when you twist your head around to make eye contact with him.

“hey, vernon,” seungkwan calls from his left, nudges his elbow against vernon’s side. a blue-green bong appears in vernon’s peripheral vision. “are you even listening?”

“don’t bother,” seungcheol chuckles from his own chair on the other side of the table, a roll of his eyes and a half full beer bottled nestled between his thighs. “his girlfriend just arrived.”

vernon glances down the expanse of your legs, pleasantly surprised to see a red-ish purple mark right where the hem of your denim shorts ends. he wonders if you even know it’s there, this blatant reminder of where you spent the night two days earlier. he wonders if everyone knows who put that mark there. 

“she’s not my girlfriend,” he mutters, takes the bong from seungkwan’s impatient arms.

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Similarities between Starco and Robstar

It will be long post. 

Well, we all think that history of Star and Marco is original, sure it is, but we all have forgotten about precursor of love between a human boy and an alien girl - Robin and Starfire. 

In this post I will show how similar these two couples are. I will start with parallels between characters, then between couples.


1. Both girls are named “Star”. I know that the full name of girl from Teen Titans is Starfire, but even Robin or Beast Boy sometimes call her just Star. For example in the episode “How long is forever”. 

2. Both girls are always cheerful and happy. 

3. Both girls are princesses in their worlds. 

4. Both girls have superpowers

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◦ pairing xu minghao x reader
◦ genre & theme romance | soulmate au
◦ words 5.1k
◦ warnings some vague descriptions of adult themes | for @flawless-sins​ 

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You stare at yourself in the mirror, hands moving on their own accord as you open your mouth to stick the end of the q-tip into it. You swab it around, count to twenty in your head before taking it out and dipping the cotton into the vial on the sink. 

The next three minutes feel like an hour. You don’t know why you’re even going through with the routine this year; there’s a literal zero percent chance that the color turns out as anything other than the same deep blue as it does every year. But then, you suppose, there’s some comfort in habits.

You sigh, shake the vial lightly in your hand, gaze at yourself, at your tired eyes and your messy hair, and you watch the reflection of the vial as the liquid slowly turns dark, blue like the deepest parts of the ocean or the night sky when the moon is missing. 

No change. You’re still twenty-five, just like you were on your birthday last year. And the year before that. Just like you’ve been for the last hundred-something years.

Your face is completely neutral as you pour the liquid out in the sink, watching with bored eyes as the deep blue disappears down the drain. And then you go about your day. Nothing’s changed.

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so far (it’s all right).

pairing vernon x reader

genre smut, fluff, college!au, friends to lovers!au

word count 3k

warnings drinking, sex

a/n this is kinda sorta proofread but not really so if you notice anything wrong or have feedback pls lmk !!

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Rule one of suppressing your feelings for someone: don’t drink with said person.

Hansol’s laugh reverberates off the walls of your dorm room, a honeyed sound you distantly associate with the lap of waves against shore or the way it feels when coffee dissipates the cloud of exhaustion in your head; fake-deep, admittedly, yet surprisingly philosophical for someone wading in a pool of empty shot glasses and red-tinted wine glasses you snatched from your parents’ house over holiday break.

“You’re telling me you put out for him? God, you have awful taste,” he chides bringing a glass to his lips. His words earn a playful smack to his arm.

“Oh my god, one blowjob doesn’t mean I ‘put out’ for him. Plus it’s 2018, let me do what I want. You sound like we’re in middle school again,” through the alcohol-induced haze you still recognize the eruption of butterflies when he giggles, the metaphorical hearts that dance above his head when he speaks again.

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Low-key wanna know how tall kpop fans are out there

so if you’re a kpop fan and comfortable to share, reblog this with your height^^ (just for fun)

pairing: junhui x reader | college life!au.
word count: 2.1K.
warnings: none.
genre: more nsfw filth!

✧✎ synopsis: junhui’s sharp looks betray the complete shyness that’s tucked into his every fibre, and with the adorable boy from your study group now splayed before you on the bed, you can’t help but think he’s just as beautiful as a painting, if not more when you finally get your hands past his belt.

✧✎ a/n: just a lil heads up sub!junhui is comin ur way u’ve been warned i’m already packing my things n heading into the ozark mountains.

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Date Your Best Friend

YouTuber!Au Series

Word Count: 1,169

Genre: Fluff

Joshua sits in front of his camera. An outlet to share his music to the world has evolved into so much more. His viewers turned into fans, and his fans loved beyond the guitar and the voice. They wanted to know more about Joshua the person, not just Joshua the singer.

So how could Joshua talk about himself without mentioning you? He couldn’t do that. Even with the guys, your name is brought up every two sentences. 

However, being the sweet person that Joshua is, he never really said your name on camera out of consideration for your privacy. Of course, he flaunts the fact that his girlfriend was the most amazing person on earth, and he gushes about how much he loves you in vlogs. He’d also dedicate every song that reminded him of you, which is a lot, every chance he gets. Naturally, when you watch his videos a big happy smile would beautifully grace your face. 

“Hi, it’s Joshua! We have a very special guest today!” Joshua announces in front of his camera. You giggle quietly in your spot out of the frame. 

“Drum roll please!” Joshua exclaims excitedly, patting his lap. He pulled you into the frame, his arms were wrapped around your shoulder as yours were wrapped around his waist. 

You managed to wave to the camera and squeak out a cute hi while you and Joshua laugh happily, simply enjoying each others company.

“So, this is the person that I have been telling you guys about. AKA the person that I’m completely in love with, y/n.” Joshua’s words rang inside the shaken corridors of your heart. 

“Hi, guys! I’m Y/N! It’s nice to finally meet you all.” You say with a bright smile. 

Joshua holds up his phone, and explains, “So today, my lovely ray of sunshine has taken a break from their busy schedule to answer questions you guys have left us on my twitter, Instagram, and snapchat!” 

Joshua’s right hand was holding his phone, as his left was holding your hand.

“When did you two first meet?” Joshua reads from the phone.

“It was in elementary school right?” You recall back the memory.

Joshua laughs out loud. “Oh yeahhh! You stole my juice box, and then told me my haircut looked stupid.” He playfully nudged your shoulder with his.

“Hey, all great friendships start out that way!” You giggle.

He humorously scrunched his face up at your statement. “No you were a bully.”

“Only because you were so adorable when you got mad at me. Even now.” You messily ruffled his hair causing him to roll his eyes and try to get his perfect  hair back into place. 

“Wait, did you guys hear that? Y/N thinks I’m adorable.” Joshua lowly chuckles with a proud expression on his face.

“Okay, okay next question, you weirdo.” You laugh, taking his phone to scroll down the twitter feed. 

Joshua points to the screen at one question that has caught his eyes. “Has Joshua ever serenaded you?” 

“Yes, actually.” You smile at the sweet memories of him singing to you. “No matter how late it is at night, or how tired he is, if I’m having trouble sleeping he’d always sing me to sleep. Or if I’m sad, he’d sing something to cheer up. All in all, Joshua is always singing to me. So thank you, babe.” You top your answer off with a kiss on Joshua’s smiling lips. 

“Oh this is a good one!” You point at a question.

Joshua reads it out loud. “When did you start realizing that you were catching feelings, when did you tell the boys and how did they react?”

“I’m assuming that one is for me.” Joshua chuckles at the camera, a hint of blush starts to show on his cheeks. 

“I’ve always seen you as a friend up until freshman year. That was when you told me you had a crush on one of our classmates, but I didn’t know why I was so bothered by it.” Joshua explains.

“Because of how strangely I was feeling, I talked to Vernon about it and he was actually the one that helped me come to terms with my feelings.” 

“Wait,” You pause him. “You’ve liked me since freshman year?”

Joshua nods shyly. “Yeah, I did. But I decided not to tell you until last year because I was just scared of how you would react.” 

That was something you never knew. It was senior year now, the last year of high school for the both of you. So, you’ve realized Joshua has loved you for quite some time now.

“Vernon was especially annoyed with me during that time because I’ve always talked about you, but I never had the confidence to ask you out.” Joshua says sweetly with a peck on your cheek, causing you to blush and to tease him about his little crush on you at that time. 

“Ooh! I found the perfect follow up question.” You excitedly start to read, “How did Joshua ask you out?”

Joshua groans out in embarrassment while you laugh at his expense. “You’re never going to let that go, huh?”

“Nope!” You grin. 

He rolled his eyes but nonetheless he continued on telling the story. “I took her out to our favorite spot to hang out which is this little dock on the lake. I was so nervous and out of it, then why you told me that you would go on a date with me I was so happy that I started to jump. Then, I fell off the dock and into the lake.”

You couldn’t stop giggling at the image of wet Joshua doggy paddling at the surface of the water. 

“Okay okay, let’s move on.” Joshua says as he attempts to control your laughter by rubbing your back.

“What is it like to date me?” Joshua asks.

“Hm..” You smile. “It’s like I’m dating my best friend. But don’t tell Vernon I said that, because he’s gonna argue with me that he’s your only best friend.”

“Who cares about Vernon?” Joshua jokes. “You are my best friend.” Joshua pulls you in for a hug as a means to leave sloppy kisses on your face. Joshua pauses to look at the camera. “Just kidding man, I love you, you’re my best friend too, Vernon.”

The next fifteen minutes, you and your boyfriend answered questions about your relationship and each other. Some were funny, and some led you to find out things about Joshua that you never knew before. 

“Ok, last question. Do you love me?” You asked, slightly tilting your head amusedly. 

Joshua diverted his attention from his phone to your eyes. A smile spread across your lips, transferred to your cheeks and reached your eyes. 

“I’ve loved you ever since you stole my juice box, and I’ve been and will continue to love you as hard as any human possibly can love.” Joshua places a kiss upon your forehead, and you could feel the truth behind his words. 

Written by Admin V.K


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  • meet jeon wonwoo
  • he’s actually a really great artist like his parents got him a lil blank note book with yknow crayons and stuff and he used to go ham on it like all the time
  • as he grew up, it became his outlet to getting thru life bc even as a kid he was pretty intimidating and it wasn’t like he was very outgoing anyway so it affected the way other kids treated him
  • they always shunned him, telling him to go away and often equated him to that kid from the ring when it came out so he just stayed away from people and lived in his own bubble
  • art was a companion that could never shun him
  • however art also became a detrimental coping mechanism so excessively to the point where he was often doodling instead of completing his schoolwork so the only way his teachers could think to get him out of this mindset was reprimanding him for it
  • of course, it had an opposite effect
  • he continued to do as he pleased, becoming a lot more stubborn in the time that he was ostracized by his peers for not finding enjoyment in the same things as them and the older he got, the more this mindset became ingrained in him 
  • no matter what art was an important part of his life and no one was going to take that away from him
  • inevitably, wonwoo found interest in different forms of art from paint to colored pencils
  • but his ultimate favorite art form was graffiti
  • there was a united front about the way other graffiti artists in the ways each of them made their art their own, formulating their own stories without establishing an actual face
  • the artist was who they made themselves out to be. not rumors or stories about a boy who had no friends aside from the paintbrushes held between clenched fingertips 
  • and for him, he became someone more than just that weird looking grudge boy kid
  • he was someone…. he belonged somewhere
  • throughout high school, he developed a persona called jeon. given that’s his last name, he formulated this just for the sake of vaguieness and cuz he couldn’t really think of anything else LOL
  • so jeon is someone who battles his demons with a stare, kinda like medusa but he doesn’t turn them to stone. he turns them into paintings
  • he memorializes them for what they really are- mean people, demons, scary stuff only little kids dream of and for the most part, they become a hit to his graffiti buds and for anyone who is everyone (though those who aren’t in the graffiti community have no actual clue that this cool dude is wonwoo even if they share a surname)
  • this goes on for some time, even into wonwoo’s final year of high school where he’s graduating cuz mingyu, his new bff and only friend, encourages him after he told the older boy how he wanted to go to the city for school and it motivated wonwoo to spread his wings from his small town and wander ya know?
  • around the time when he’s integrating into college life with mingyu and their other friends scoups and vernon, he actually continues jeon throughout seoul city in subtle ways though not many people recognize it
  • anyway, with being in college, his maternal aunt sends her son aka his cousin, jeon jeongguk over just to experience some of the college life. she wanted wonwoo to show the younger jeon how college is beneficial even for misfits like himself (passive aggressive way of going abt it but wonwoo is just like “ok whateves”)
  • although it makes mingyu whiny that they have to lug around a kid who’s only two years younger and just as lanky and tall lol, wonwoo doesn’t mind showing his cousin around the city and letting him touch his stuff and eventually jeongguk discovers wonwoo’s sketchbook snippets of jeon and he gets all “??? what’s this??” finally an interest piqued in their time spent together and wonwoo lets him in on the secret after seeing how into the art his cuzzo is
  • as wonwoo explains the piece, jeongguk is so immersed and interested, he actually gets into the whole bit, wanting to do his own kind of art form bc he’s always enjoyed doodling and well, wonwoo can’t resist so he agrees to teach his cousin the craft
  • they go out to the tunnels near this abandoned train, just spraying around but enjoying themselves as twilight breaks and it’s nearly pitch black (though they have flashlights to help them out), jeongguk makes up a persona called kookie
  • he says he’s kind of like jeon but the art he memorializes highlights the good possibilities, that there’s light in darkness and he turns around those shitty monsters so they can be happy 
  • it’s cute really and wonwoo loves it cuz his cuzzo is happy too
  • unfortunately, there’s a patrol cop on the prowl trying to get his mitts on people like wonwoo and he sees small lights emitting from the tunnels and the two get caught tho wonwoo is quick to shut his light off, shutting guk’s off and telling the younger boy to run until he’s a safe enough distance that wonwoo feels relieved 
  • they decide not to go out for a while, hoping to avoid the same situation they suffered thru
  • but guk’s not done. he has more to add, and well, bc he went alone, he nearly gets caught before he sprints off and calls his cousin in fear and panic bc he doesn’t know what to do and fuck he rlly doesn’t want to go to jail or something 
  • and well, wonwoo can barely register his actions before he goes to the very tunnel and makes it blatantly obvious that he’s the one “defacing” the wall and he gets the blame for “kookie” 
  • he gets put on community service duty, forced to clean up the “vandalism” and set a 700 dollar fine that he knows his family can’t pay
  • of course his family doesn’t want to help, only wishing for him to learn from his mistakes and be an adult so he gets a job at the local convenience store and although he isn’t allowed to talk to jeongguk, his younger cousin feels awful, trying to keep in contact with wonwoo despite having to cut all ties with him
  • and that small convenience store is where you and him meet actually
  • it’s your second year at the university like wonwoo and as part of your work-study program, you decide to take up a position at the nearby convenience store since it’s close to your dorm and you really didn’t want to work at the sporting goods store on campus
  • going there, wonwoo is at the register, looking pretty bored and when he sees you, his eyes go a little wide before he asks if you’re y/n bc he’ll be training you and you agree only flushing a little bc wow he’s pretty cute and holy shit he looks intimidating (well at least until he starts trying to “train” you)
  • to say the least, wonwoo is only a little flustered by you bc holy shit you’re so nice to him
  • you don’t care if he’s too quiet or too shy sometimes and if anything you make it blatantly obvious that you like talking to him and he doesn’t get that at all
  • but bc of this mild confusion from him, it’s a steady burn for you two actually get to know one another but like most burns it’s an ache that soothes the coldest of hearts and it’s exactly that for him
  • you two will talk about your majors and what you like and he gets happy when he hears you gush about art especially pieces that obviously mean something 
  • don’t get even him started when you say you like banksy work and even these subliminal pieces you catch on the street aka his cuz he actually didn’t realize how mini jeon pieces would catch anyone’s eyes and yeah he gets unbelievably happy to see you talk about it with wonder
  • it’s really cute bc your training goes on for two weeks and he’s made it an unconscious effort to walk you to the dorms after closing
  • even afterwards, he still continues to walk you 
  • he can’t explain why even when you ask but it’s something he does and he continues when you make no moves to protest against it and he can’t help but smile to himself abt that
  • for some reason, he can’t get you out of his mind 
  • maybe it’s the nice gestures or the fact that you like his art or something but there’s something about you that gives him this swell of emotion he hasn’t felt since he created jeon tbh
  • you’re so new and different to him and for all the kindness you show him he’s truly grateful 
  • he isn’t sure how to express it tho especially when even talking to you is still new for him so he actually asks his friends for help
  • seungcheol told him to just let you know how he feels 
  • (wonwoo: hell no)
  • vernon: ummm…. idk bro 
  • (wonwoo: (-: thanks…. Bro)
  • (wonwoo: you punk what the-)
  • the ironic part: so, one day when you two are working together and it’s nearly time to go, it actually begins to rain and this moment where he shrugs off his leather jacket and drapes it above your heads as you wait for the rain to cease beneath the thin canopy, you look up at him with those fluttery eyes and his breath just catches in his throat and you glance at his lips, biting at yours with conflict in your eyes and suddenly-
  • you kiss him
  • you just do it after you release your lip
  • and he’s all red in the face trying to make sense of it before you start apologizing and he has to stop you, practically dropping his jacket on you which he apologizes profusely over
  • “d-dammit, i’m sorry god i’m a klutz… that kiss just rlly got to me cuz i wanted to kiss you and you just kissed me and holy shit did i just say that am i still talking why am i still tal-”
  • you hop on your tip toes and peck his lips once more and smile “well i’m glad i kissed you, wonwoo… i rlly like you” 
  • and he’s just in awe like wow YOU LIKE HIM TOO and naturally y’all go out on a date but one insecurity about him that he still hasn’t mentioned to you is the fact that he got busted for graffiti and that’s why he’s at the convenience store
  • he always danced around the subject so now that you two have become even closer, he finds it hard to admit to his crime bc before it never mattered when no one else really mattered to him as much as you do…
  • it really upsets him when that cop who busted him sees him and starts messing with him in front of you on your date together and although you’re confused he actually doesn’t tell you anything about it
  • no phone calls, no texts, and when he calls in sick from work that following weekend, you’re determined to figure out what happened
  • so you hunt down mingyu and ask him where wonwoo is, he tells you where the dorm is bc he knows that you mean a lot to wonwoo if he was that upset abt you knowing why he was working so when you get there you use mingyu’s key and searching for wonwoo who’s hiding in his bed 
  • not that he’s noticed you yet
  • his hair’s a mess and he actually looks paler than usual 
  • you can see in his hands are holding a black leather bound sketch book and he’s doodling away, possibly trying to cope and you sigh
  • when he hears your voice, he freezes up, trying to burrow away in his blankets until you stop him and try to get him to open up to you bc dammit you care so damn much abt him and him trying to push you away will only bring you back trying to smash that damn shell of his harder
  • until finally he relents and tells you abt what happened and you just hug him, telling him to move over and you lay beside and ask why he didnt want you to know that
  • and yeah he’s surprised you’re not condemning him to hell like so many other people have but he can’t help but cling to you as he replies “it’s not the most optimal thing you tell your significant other yknow”
  • you shrug, giving him a squeeze
  • “Well you can tell me anything and i’ll accept you, wonwoo. i promise” 
  • from then, he’s a lot more open with you tbh
  • he’ll show you sketches about jeon and you make him tell you every story he has about those ones just because you love to hear his voice
  • you don’t really mean to be so forceful with him but it takes prompting for him bc he gets so scared that you’ll reject his ideas but when you don’t he gets so confident and happy, he’s like a puppy 
  • on your dates he likes to doodle on napkins and you collect every single one
  • one time he just doodles a mash potato monster and you kept it in a scrapbook with the rest of the doodles and he just giggled at the sight
  • on your anniversary he actually drew an companion for jeon named miss jae. although she wasn’t battling monsters, she helped him with her powers of support and light 
  • as a surprise he actually took you out to a different spot and graffiti’d the two together and it was just the sweetest thing ever 
  • it’s his way of saying “i love you” and even when you complain that you have no super talent like this he still grins and says “yes you do. just say that and i’m all yours” 
  • (he’s a closet greaseball y’all)
  • the rest of the boys were rlly happy to see how happy you made wonwoo, even inviting you to one of their shows where you discovered yet another talent of his 
  • and you couldn’t help but gush about him bc of it
  • sometimes to people at the store, to his friends, to his mom (who loves you btw), and basically anyone who listens 
  • even when he’s begging you to stop with pink cheeks, you just grin up at him and say “no way. you’re amazing and everyone should know it. EVERYONE”
  • those are the times he likes to shut you up with a kiss 
out of all the stars (you shine the brightest)

pairing kwon soonyoung x reader
genre & theme romance, fluff | stripper!soonyoung
words 5k
warnings a tiny bit of adult content | a/n listen…. i have no excuse for this… none at all

part one of a hands-on experience

Originally posted by visual-17

When your friends had started complaining about your dead love life you had expected them to start setting you up on annoying blind dates or making you sign up for a dating site. The prospect was.. unfavorable, sure, but as you’re sitting in the plush chair with your shoulders so stiff they might as well be stuck permanently to your ears and your neck so hot that you feel feverish, you find that you’d much rather pretend to be interested in faceless men or women on a dating app. 

You’re not quite sure how going to a strip club was going to solve your issues on the dating front. 

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Lust Knows No Limits

Pairing: SeungcheolxReader
Genre: smut, fluff
Word Count: 3K+
Synopsis: Your rather obvious swooning over the school’s heartthrob and bad boy Choi Seungcheol made him realize his feelings for you. But unfortunately, you were oblivious to them, so one day he snapped and couldn’t control his lust anymore…

Originally posted by kristian-do

The look in his eyes could have melted ice. His intense stare let every girl in the entire school drool over him. Not to mention his pretty, long eyelashes that encircled his eyes and sparked a mischievous twinkle in his stare. His lips looked velvety smooth, pink and absolutely kissable. You wondered how many girls already had the honour to meet them. But that wasn’t all, his features were overall manly, yet soft at the same time, concluding with his fluffy and slightly messy, black hair, it was only natural that he was the school’s heartthrob. Each morning he’d drive into the school’s parking lot with his pitch black motorcycle. The safety helmet was the cause of his ever-lasting messy hair, which made him look even more desirable. Dressed in a black leather jacket over a plain white tee, black ripped jeans and ankle boots, he wasn’t only the school’s heartthrob but also the school’s number one bad boy. Or that was at least what he appeared to be. Everyone respected him since he looked like he could kill someone with a few punches, his black belt in taekwondo definitely attributing to the respect he was receiving. Little did everyone know that he was actually a softie beneath his bad boy attire but of course, he couldn’t show this side of him to the public, he had a reputation to uphold after all. You didn’t like admitting it, but he had you smitten over him.

“His brown eyes clear, his cheerful smile. If only he could notice me,” you swooned a few minutes after he had passed you in the hallway, seemingly oblivious to your staring at him. “Geez, calm yourself, girl,” Seungkwan, your best friend, groaned. “you behave as if he could get you pregnant with his stare alone.” You snorted. “With his appearance I wouldn’t be surprised if he actually could,” you giggled back at Seungkwan, who gave you a questioning look with one of his eyebrows raised. “What?” you complained. “Nothing, nothing, love,” he waved aside, patting your shoulder in a rather pitiful manner.

Later that day in class you found yourself staring at Seungcheol’s side profile, totally zoning out and forgetting that you should pay attention during class…or at least pretend to do so. You on the other hand did the opposite and obviously stared at him, so that your teacher didn’t take long to catch onto your little reverie about Choi Seungcheol. “Miss Y/L/N, would you mind paying a little more attention to my lesson and a little less to dreamingly staring at Mr. Choi?” The whole class broke out into a fit of laughter and giggles, leaving you amidst them, basically as red as a tomato. Blushing feverishly, you lowered your gaze onto your lap and felt ashamed. It wasn’t a secret that girls were usually into Seungcheol, but having your teacher call you out on that was a whole different story. As you dared looking up again, you directly stared into the eyes of none other than Choi Seungcheol himself. He waited for you to notice him and as you did, he gave you a cheeky grin and then turned around again, facing the other direction.

This had basically been your everyday life in high school. Staring at Seungcheol, while trying not to get caught and dwelling in your daydreams about riding white horses along the beach with him at sunset. Granted, that wasn’t the most exciting life a person could live, but as long as you could stare at him from afar without causing any more troubles than on that day, you were fine with it.

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I Am You, You Are Me || Soulmate!Soonyoung || Oneshot

Originally posted by visual-17

GENRE: fluff, soulmate!au, non-famous, convenience stores, college kids

WORDS: 3413

BLURB: Are ugly sweaters a trend nowadays?

A/N: Obviously heavily inspired by Zico’s song of the same name. Have been wanting to finish this for FOREVER, and finally! It’s also my first gender-neutrel fic so please go easy on me. Hope you guys like :)

“Hyung! Could you get me some ramen from the convenience store?”

“Why can’t you get it yourself?”

Chan swivelled in his chair to face the older boy, pouting slightly. “I’m studying! And it’s cold outside. These finals are really important, you know this! What if I catch a cold out there?”

A loud sigh came from the couch where Soonyoung was laying on. “Then eat the ramen we have! Mingyu just went grocery shopping yesterday.”

“But I want my favourite…” The younger boy was petulant and Soonyoung found himself sighing again, sitting up to face his favourite dongsaeng. The kid looked exhausted – what he needed was sleep, not ramen – but one look at that pout and Soonyoung was slowly standing up, though not without a bit of groaning and feigned reluctance.

“You’re lucky I love you kid,” Soonyoung muttered, searching for a sweater and his keys. Chan’s lips quirked up into a grin. “Thanks hyung. You’re the best.”

“Yeah yeah.” Soonyoung wandered into his room and grabbed the first thing off the floor, pulling it over his head. When he walked out Chan was scrunching his nose at him.


“You’re wearing that?” the younger boy asked with disdain.

“What? It’s comfy!”

“It’s ugly.”

“It’s late. No one’s going to look at what I’m wearing.”


“Do you want your ramen or not?” Soonyoung threatened. Chan just shrugged, turning back to his work. “Do whatever you want hyung. I’m just saying you never know when you’ll bump into your soulmate and I doubt you want to be caught in that ugly sweater.”

Soonyoung just rolled his eyes and left the dorm. Instantly, a cold whip of air hit him. Ugly or not, he’d rather be warm in the thick sweater than freeze to death trying to make a good impression, soulmate be damned.

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summer daze

pairing: jeon wonwoo | reader
genre: lifeguard au / fluff, humor
word count: 3,546
description: it’s those summer days where the best (and worst) things seem to happen when you least expect it.
author’s note: thanks for enabling me @minghaseok & for also being the reason why this came into fruition ily @cafewonu

Originally posted by bokdeongeori

You equate summer to two things: the beach and bonfires.

It’s inevitable. The work of a small beach town. The place perpetuates stereotypical adolescent buffoonery. And yet, for more than obvious reasons, you can’t help but partake in such activities. Because why the fuck not?

For a minimum of eight hours, you’ve dedicated five days out of the week to study for classes. For another four of those hours, you’ve worked, including weekends. When school’s out for three months, you made the executive decision of laying off the summer classes and kept the subpar part-time hours until the second half of summer session to actually breathe, to finally live. Because for once, you’ve decided that there is no better way to spend your free time than lounging on the scorching hot sand with only a beach towel, a cover-up, and glorious sunscreen to protect you from burns up top and down below. It’s perfect.

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the language of flowers

pairing hong jisoo x reader
genre & theme fluff | florist au
words 2.6k
warnings none | requested by anon. | requests are open

Originally posted by springdayserendipity

The first time Jisoo notices you, you’re entering his flower shop with a rough push at the door, bell jingling loudly and almost as aggressively as your body language. He’s a bit stunned, if he’s being honest, watching you pull your scarf tighter around your neck, adjusting your hat and walking restlessly back and forth the rows of colorful flowers on display in his store. 

Usually, his customers are men. Men in love, men falling out of love, men who has something to make up or apologize for. He’ll see the odd woman here and there, looking for the perfect bouquet for their parents or their sister, women with children who wants to spruce up their rooms with cacti. 

He’s never seen this, though; your face is basically as red as the roses you’re currently observing, disdain dripping from the downwards curve of your mouth. Your shoulders are stiff and your body language tight, and as you approach the counter Jisoo’s currently standing behind, he’s pretty sure he can hear you whisper something along the lines of ‘uptight. i’ll show you fucking uptight’.

You slam the palm of your hand on the counter, contents of your wallet clinking together with the impact, and Jisoo jumps. Your cheeks are still flushed, but at least you shoot him an apologetic look. 

“Hi,” you say, more of an exhale than an actual word. “Do you have any flowers that say ‘fuck off’?”

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A Repeat Offense {Yoon Jeonghan}

Prompt:  Smut game request Jeonghan #52

Pairing: Jeonghan x Reader

Word Count: 2.032k

Warning: none~

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Let the Seasons Past || Soulmate!Junhui || Oneshot

Originally posted by gyuwoo

GENRE: fluff, soulmate!au, childhood friends?, growing up and all its glory

WORDS: 1798

BLURB: We met in summer, loved in spring. Hurt in winter, so may autumn bring…

A/N: Wrote this in one seating and mildly inspired by my own experiences lol can you feel the /awkward/

You knew it was him from the moment you met.

It was the summer when you were both fifteen; shy and awkward, still growing out of your preteen years and into your teenage ones. He said hello and smiled, so bright and beautiful that your heart skipped and your stomach flipped. He wasn’t the first boy you had met but he was the first one to have such an effect on you and the only one who stuck around even when you turned him away.

“My name’s Junhui,” he introduced himself, voice deep and clear, sending something plunging, plunging into your stomach. It sat there, that unknown feeling, until it swirled into a mini whirlpool and turned you into a blushing mess. You didn’t seem to know what to do with your hands so you stuck them to your side.

“I’m Y/N,” you answered a little nervously but smiling so widely your cheeks ached. He was so beautiful with his dark hair and almond eyes and you were failing hard at being nonchalant. But it wasn’t just his looks. It was… The way he looked at you, really looked at you, asking questions and making you feel important and interesting in a way no other had cared to do before.

You two spoke less than ten sentences to each other that first time but it was a conversation that would last a lifetime. How easily it would all have slipped away if neither of you had taken the chance to say hello, and every day you were glad you did.

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