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Talking to @everythingthatmatters  reminded me that I need to post this here. I cannot believe I didn’t do it sooner!

So, background info:
Every year, SVT (Swedish National Television) airs a Christmas Calendar. 24 15-minute episodes once a day, starting on December 1st and ending on Christmas Eve. Literally an Advent calendar on TV. It’s mainly for kids, but plenty of adults (including this Christmas nerd) watch it too.

Anyway, this year’s calendar is this…

I don’t even have to say it, but I will. It’s freakin’ Stargate for kids! I am SOOO here for this! I hope someone involved in writing and producing it is actually a Stargate fan because I neeeeed Stargate references!

Jüri!!! on ICE

Jüri Pootsmann(22) is a top figure skater from Estonia. He spent training in Russia for five years. He wears glasses, but puts them off before skating. He likes a certain sportswear brand. He became last at the Figure skating Grand Prix. Likes to play card games. His guilty pleasures are Conchita Wurst, music from Lordi, pootatoes and rye bread.

Måns Zelmerlöw(29) is a gay figure skating legend from Sweden. He has won the Grand Prix, making it the third consecutive time he has won this competition. His theme that year was “Heroes”. He has achieved his status not from talent, but from rigorous training. He was bullied at school because he was a figure skater. Therefore he is scared of being alone and has a labrador retriever named Leo. Likes to push his limits. He has a great agility and stamina. Due to his busy life, he has never had a girlfriend. Has a relationship with pizza instead.

Frans Jeppson-Wall(17) is about to make his debut in the Senior Division. He hates Jüri, which is clear when he scolds him in front of the bathroom right after the competition. His favourite piece of music is, surprisingly, the Swedish national anthem. This is because his parents, who hail from Nigeria and the UK, left him to train in Malmö when he was 12, because he was an enormous talent. It was very hard for his parents to let him go, and therefore, they demand their son to train very hard to become the best in figure skating. He will participate under the Independent flag at the Skate America and NHK Trophy. (Let’s not forget about the sum of money it had cost them to let their son train in Sweden.)

Christer Björkman(58) is the former coach of Jüri Pootsmann. He is the former President of the Swedish Skating Federation, abandoning his job because he could not uplift the three skating events that the SSF supports in popularity as it remained less popular than ice hockey. He does not want someone who fails to represent him, because he was booed during his first (and only) Figure Skating Grand Prix, and therefore, he left Jüri. He presumably has a relationship with a man called Serhat. He sees potential in Frans.

Justs Sirmais(20) comes from Latvia, and has been befriended with Jüri since they first met each other during a Baltic junior figure skating tournament. Unfortunately, Justs was in an accident and is therefore not able to skate professionally. Therefore, he is active as a pizza deliverer(something that would please Måns very much). He suddenly moves to Estonia.

Douwe Bob Posthuma(22) owns a sauna in the city where Jüri lives(don’t ask me why I don’t call that city a name). The sauna includes a snack bar. He comes from Amsterdam, and he came to Estonia because he wanted to see if a bar without vodka really worked in a former Soviet country. The answer was no, but he still wanted to have a bar aestethic, so he has three taps of beer at the drinks corner. Gets drunk quite often. Always does his best, but only on the things he likes doing most, as he doesn’t quite like discipline.

Oscar Zia(19) spent five years of training in Russia and is therefore Jüri’s former rink mate. He likes to use social networking apps. He’s from Italy. His sister is a figure skater as well. He gets fat easily. He lacked self-confidence during his last years of high school, but that changed due to one person…

Donutny Montell(26) is a Lithuanian figure skater who is at his end of his career. He is constantly busy with his looks and he uses insane acrobatic movements(some of them which are prohibited during competition) to impress the audience. That led him to becoming third at the Grand Prix.

Alexander Rybak(30) is a retired figure skater from Belarus. During his active career, he was highly successful, as he has won all five editions of the Figure Skating Grand Prix before Måns Zelmerlöw. He can turn into super-serious to cutie in a split second. He’s known for his step sequences and spins, rather than his jumps. He likes swinging music.

Stig Rästa(34) is the best figure skater Estonia has ever had since its independence. He is the coach of Oscar Zia. Believes in the power of strict discipline. 

Sergey Lazarev(33) is the coach of Donny Montell. He has been a successful figure skater himself, however, he retired quite early because he was annoyed by the fact some acrobatic tricks are not allowed in figure skating. He moved to the entertainment section, but so many people demanded him to return that he became a coach for people like him. What is perhaps the most notable thing about him is his obsession with weird egg inventions.

Loïc Nottet(20) is a Belgian figure skater. His role model is Sia. At his senior debut, he placed third behind Måns Zelmerlöw and Alexander Rybak. He placed second at the Grand Prix Jüri entered after performing his free skate routine on Chandelier. He has family issues with the sport, because his father demanded him to be good at soccer/football/how you name it. An exhibition led to an interest in dancing, and a few years after he started ballet, he turned to figure skating. He is specialised in spins and choreographical sequences. He will be participating in the Rostelecom Cup where he will be facing Jüri.

Philipp Kirkorov(49) is President of the Russian Skating Federation. He’s a former skater himself. He is supposed to have a relationship with Christer Björkman, who is the former President of the Swedish Skating Federation. 

Jacob Baagøe Thomsen(23) is a Danish figure skater and will participate in the Skate America Cup together with Jüri. His whistling is embarrasing.

Sanja Vučić(22) is a female figure skater from Serbia. In the off-season, she works in a clinic for abused children.

Hovi Star(29) is a Jewish sports commentator. He calls everyone a bitch, although not everybody accepts this title. He began commenting on figure skating tournaments for a youth channel because nobody else wanted to- the other skating commentators would prefer Crashed Ice. He gives Jüri a little hope after losing at the Grand Prix, hope that would become useful later.

Alexander Ivanov(22) hails from Belarus. He dreams of having Alexander Rybak as his coach. (It turns out that his father even named his son after Rybak!) As a child, he threw a stuffed pillow resembling a donut to Måns, landing it around his neck. Eros Paidikos, where the costume consists of nothing more than a toga, a helmet and a warrior costume, is his specialty. Jüri will meet him at the Rostelecom Cup.

Petra Mede(45) is the figure skating commentator of SVT, Sweden’s national broadcaster. She’s also an announcer of the Stockholm Metro lines. She has known Måns since he first entered the European championships(when he was 19). Outside her (quite serious) job, she is very funny. She gives skaters nicknames, for example. And hugs.

William(25) and Deban(26) are hardcore figure skating fans. They have a very popular blog on the internet which describes the news and the rumours going around the figure skaters. They are so passionate about making news that they quit their job. They sometimes act as photo bombers. They are renowned for delivering figure skating realness, showing their enthusiasm every time they appear. They will have a temporary radio station on the Red Square during the Rostelecom Cup.

Lady Jenevia(22) is just into figure skating and starts a blog about it. She originally comes from Japan, but her parents were expats so her first language is English. She recognises everyone she knows about in a single look. For William and Deban trying to be undercover, this is annoying. She will be visiting the Skate America Cup.

Jamala(32) is a mysterious person. She has been disturbing competitions around the world for several years for no particular reason. 


Jüri Pootsmann suffers a devastating defeat at the Men’s Figure Skating Grand Prix in Vienna. Måns Zelmerlöw wins for the third consecutive time. Jüri is so fascinated by his performance that he skates it in front of Justs four months later. That was eventually put on the Internet. 

Måns Zelmerlöw sees this performance and travels to Estonia. Jüri meets him while they are bathing in Douwe’s sauna. Jüri falls into Måns’ bath. Måns decides to become Jüri’s coach, and tells his backstory. 

At the meantime, Frans is expecting Måns as his new coach(his former coach died) and is pissed off. He goes to Estonia, and this is how the story begins.