Seventeen Reaction to sleepy S/o waiting up for them to get home


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He would immediately frown when he saw you sitting on the couch, eyes half open, looking completely out of it from exhaustion. He knew you must have worked hard today, and he also knew you got even less sleep than him the night before (he was used to running on little sleep, you were not. “Baby,” He would scold softly, bending down to look you in the eye. He would brush the hair from your face and kiss your forehead softly before pulling you up into his arms and carrying you to bed. He would probably scold you a little bit more after you woke up, telling you it wasn’t good for you to stay up so late, He would thank you though, and be reduced to mush at how cute you were. 


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He would smile warmly, sitting on the couch beside you and pulling you into his lap, holding you lazily against his chest. He would be flattered that you stayed up for him, but he would be careful not to show it. He would lay back on the couch, holding you close to him and letting you fall asleep against his chest. He had meant to carry you to the bed, but truthfully he was a bit tired and he was so surprised that you had put in all that effort for him, and so he ended up falling asleep with your weight against his chest. 


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Joshua wouldn’t even notice your presence in the kitchen, walking right past only to be startled when he didn’t find you in the bed. He walked back out, finding you asleep at the table. He’d smile to himself and write you a quick note, telling you not to do that again because even though he appreciated it, he didn’t like that you were pushing yourself to stay awake when you had to be exhausted. He gently lifted you into his arms, making sure to let you sleep as he carried you back to the bed. 


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Jun would be stunned, probably a little worried. He would call your name softly and drop down in front of you, stroking your cheek softly. His protective instincts would kick in quickly and he would be extra gentle with you, smiling a little so you can’t see his worry. “Why are you still up, huh? Come on, lets go to bed.” He would help you up, and if you seemed too tired, he would lift you into his arms and carry you to bed. He would cuddle you and smile, telling you it meant a lot that you would stay up for him and might even giggle a little. 


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Soonyoung would be tired himself because it was so late, so when he walked into the bedroom to find you sitting up in bed on your laptop, he would be surprised. “What’re you doing up?” He would ask, stripping from his clothes to throw on some pajamas before he climbed in bed with you. You could try to hide your exhaustion all you wanted, but he would still notice it. He’d check to make sure you weren’t working on something that needed saving and close your laptop, putting it on the bedside table and pulling you to him. He wouldn’t bring it up until right before you fell asleep so that you wouldn’t be embarrassed, but just before you fell asleep you would hear him mumble “don’t stay awake for me again, it’s not good for you,” and feel him kiss your head. 


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Wonwoo would be no stranger to this, he would kind of expect it. When he walked in, his first priority would be getting his s/o ready for bed, because he knew they’d be waiting up for him. He would scold them gently, even knowing they’re ignoring him, and force them into the bed to cuddle him. “If i said i didn’t want you up when i got home, would you go to sleep at a normal time?” “If you said you didn’t want me awake when you got home, you’d be lying so no.”  


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Jihoon wouldn’t really know how to react. He would be concerned, but would bite his tongue considering he didn’t really have much room to say anything. He would get himself ready for bed and act like everything was normal while also making sure you got into bed and fell asleep as quickly as possible. He would ask if you waited up for him and say you didn’t need to do that. He would probably feel pretty bad that you stayed up for him when you were clearly so tired. 


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He would coo at how sweet the gesture was and lift you into his arms, spinning you around and asking you if you were tired. He would smile at your reply and say that he was a little tired, and then ask if you wanted to go to bed or eat something first. If you said eat, he would order something quick and cheap, and if you said sleep, he would sleep. It didn’t matter to him, as long as you were happy. 


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Similar to Seokmin, he would make you both something quick and easy to eat before bed, except he would tell you not to wait up for him again because he could tell you were tired. He would be pretty stern, but not sharp. He wasn’t going to yell at you if you waited up for him again, but he would prefer if you got good sleep and didn’t force yourself to stay awake. 


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Minghao, like most of the others, would be a bit more worried than anything. He would blush a little bit, but be distracted by worry for you. He would try to casually, but quickly, usher you into bed. “I’m used to staying up this late, you’re not. You don’t need to stay up for me, i’ll be right here when you wake up.” He would say quietly, cuddling into you with a small smile. 


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Seungkwan would blush. Immediately. He would be so stunned and overwhelmed with an emotion i can only describe as soft, he would envelop you in a hug. It would stun him so much that you went out of your way to stay up for him, he wouldn’t even know what to say. After the initial giggles died down, he would tell you you didn’t need to do that, but make sure you knew how thankful he was that you did. 


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Vernon would get a little shy because he wasn’t used to seeing you when he came home, but smile and ruffle your hair. “What’re you still doing up?” He’d chuckle, holding out a hand to help you up. He wouldn’t think you stayed up for him, and he’d probably scold you lightly for messing up your sleep schedule, but in kind of a joking way. He’d make you get in bed and cuddle you so you could fall asleep fast. 


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He would giggle, jokingly telling you you looked horrible and pick you up from where you were half asleep on the couch. “Don’t stay up just for me.” He would mumble, smiling shyly. “You need sleep for tomorrow or you won’t wake up to spend time with me. I’m not waking you up when you’re so sleepy.” He would kiss your forehead and lay you down in the bed, laying beside you and cuddling you until you both fell asleep. 

  • Scoups: "Knowledge" is knowing that a tomato is a fruit; "wisdom" is not putting it in a fruit salad.
  • Vernon: That was deep.
  • Mingyu: "Philosophy" is wondering if that means ketchup is a smoothie.
  • Vernon: That was deeper.
  • Wonwoo: "Common sense" is knowing that ketchup isn’t a damn smoothie, you nasties.

Jun as your boyfriend

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  • Hopeless romantic
  • Loves anything romantic
  • He loves holding your hand
  • Loves forehead kisses
  • Clingy but in a good way
  • “Jun I’m busy right now”
  • “I know but I just can’t let go of you”
  • Fancy dates
  • Takes you out for dinner
  • The night usually ends with him taking you home and telling you how much he loves you
  • Cherishes the times you spend together
  • Even if you guys are just doing something simple like watching a movie, he will always cherish those moments
  • Loves skinship
  • He loves skinship in public and in private
  • He talks about you so much that the members are starting to get annoyed
  • “Did I tell you guys about the time me and y/n went out on a date?”
  • “Yes Jun, you told us that about 50 times.”
  • If your stressed about anything, he’s there
  • If you need anything, he’s there
  • He hates seeing you upset and would do anything to make you feel better


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