svs con

So last Sunday was my Birthday!
So I wanted to celebrate it by sharing a picture from last year around the same time!
But I forgot to upload it here.. SO HERE IT IS NOW!

The picture was taken by my friend Fotograf Sandra Banzon at SVS-con 2015 and I really love it! It’s such a cute picture!
It’s a shame that our Tai couldn’t be in this picture but it still love it none the less!
I hope you’ll all enjoy this sunday!

People in the picture:
Sora: AngelfartsCosplay
Mimi: Me
Joe: Lisa!
Kairi: Ninna!
Izzy: Trine!


So, as you might can see, I ruled SVS con this Sunday, as Lady Loki.

Few seconds before this there was a Marvel group photo, and one of the photographers told us to say “Marvel” instead of “cheese,” and I took the opportunity to yell “kneel” at the top of my lungs instead; which resulted in me scaring everyone half to death, and then it was suddenly decided that everyone actually should kneel before us.

I was quite pleased.


My dear sister at SVS Con in Denmark, cosplaying as a Walter Girl of Steam Powered Giraffe, and showing off GG which I made. She seemed to be a better model than myself, as I was just dressed randomly :p

GG was kind of a challenge, but I think I did pretty good, even if she isn’t perfect. People loved her at the con, even those who didn’t know who she was. Quite a few wanted to pet her.