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If you could own any exotic pet without the chance of it biting your head off or otherwise debilitating you, what would you choose?


If I handed you a hundred dollar bill and you had an hour to spend it, what would you buy?

uuhrrrmm…how much does a male stripper cost? 

Jk….that would take more than an hour im sure…probably olive garden to go and then buy some shit at target. 

How did you meet your best friend?
in my speech class. She was hilarious so I was naturally drawn to her like a moth. the other i don’t remember where i met her… eighth grade history maybe but she didn’t know me then.  And also my two sisters and my mom…met her the day I was born.   What’s the farthest place you’ve been from home?
Do you have a car? What kind? If not, what do you travel by? no car. I travel by foot or by other people driving.  or by rocket Briefly describe your dream wedding.
In a tree house high up in this breathtaking forest, a huge like bridge suspension with lots of reception party rooms and lots of good food not gross wedding food and chocolate and I’m wearing this like Tree princess feathery white and green dress and it’s lightly drizzling omg its perfect  Favorite non-musician celebrity? Nicholas Lea and Matt Damon and Nathan Fillion and lots of other people  Kanye West or Taylor Swift?
um how about a worm or a string of hair? worm.  Give us a memory of your favorite teacher.
mrs. first in First grade she had a store we bought erasers and little weird stuff at it was fun.  What kind of tattoo would you like to get?
I want an ankh behind my ear and a compass on my wrist and probably a raven on the back of my neck and lyrics somewhere idk a lot i love love love tattoos. 


1. What would you name a line of clothes or perfume?

2. If you could have any other name what would it be?

3. Pick one sea creature you wouldn’t mind living with…

4. Describe your wedding dress and your dream partner

5. What would you do if some stranger randomly squeezed your butt in public?

6. What would you call your autobiography?

7. What’s your favorite TV show/fandom?

8. If you could live far enough in the future what fancy future gadget would you like to see and use?

9. Your biggest fear?

10. If you could pick how you died what would you prefer?

11. Describe your utopia. 

I don’t know eleven people so I tag…brianne, nina, emily and crosby. 

svetervest  asked:

I know this is random, but I had a dream that Emma Watson came to the birthday party you threw for her... But I wasnt in the dream it was just you and like these other people. Isnt that really weird. When she came in she was like oh my god your nikola-nickart from Tumblr? I love you! Sorry for the really random story, but this actually happened.

omg, that’s cool!! :D thanks for dreaming me hehe


hello! it is i, missy dirtyniall, here to show you guys how much i love y'all. i’ve been blessed with some amazing mutuals over the past few months, so i decided to make a follow forever to show my gratitude for these radical fucking people. i don’t talk to a lot of people on this website (mostly because of my fear of rejection tbqh), but i truly love and admire my mutuals and followers, etc. stay beautiful, fam!!!!

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