so… spandexverse


there’s not a more dignifying name we can give it, is there?

Defeated Hero of the Skies au?

Blackened Skies au?

Demon Reign au?

IM SORRY SPANDEXVERSE JUST SOUNDS SILLY I AM JUST NOW THINKING ABOUT THIS gomen if you like sverse or spandexverse that’s fine this is just my two cents

Seriously though, it baffles me to no end when people simply chose to throw their OCs into the Zelda universe and stick them to Link, or whatever Villain that happens to be present.

Like come on there’s a million things you could expand upon and make headcanons for and develop! There are lots of races and species you could play with and just

Imagine the possibilities! Link and Zelda and Ganondorf and Ghirahim and Demise and Vaati are all great but why play around with self-inserts and plotlines that have already been fleshed out when you can play with so many other concepts and ideas?

Zip is a very good example of this, with how she plays around with the Sheikah and plays with their history and roles in various timelines in the Zelda series.

Don’t limit your characters! The more you develop ideas and concepts with a character, the more than character develops too, which increases their likableness as a character!

Sverse Headcanon # 1

Link slept with Demise the night he killed him. He had a knife with him and as Demise started to bed him, Link stabbed him, successfully freeing every demon in the realm, and saving the four that had served Demise so intimately to their disgust.

He got away with terrible scars and healing wounds on his back leading down to his thighs, and will eventually heal jaggedly, because of how he had to move. Some got infected as well, and were not treated until after he was King.

I really hope people in the sverse realize that rape isn’t romantic or sexy or remotely ok.

Like I know that a lot of you do but some of you don’t.

And that

That’s not ok :I


What kind of architecture do demons have? What traditions do they have? What kind of music do they like? Or uhm oh let’s not forget HOW DOES LOSING TO THE BIGGEST BADDEST DEMON AND LOSING EVERYTHING AFFECT LINK PSYCHOLOGICALLY

it’s not all about the sEX


Get to Know Your OC Quiz: Lapin

‡The Basics‡

Name: Lapin

Alias(es): N/A

Defining feature: Short brown hair, medium-sized jagged horns, cut-off ears

Defining personality trait: Somewhat broody, emotional, big-hearted, lack of self-confidence, romantic

‡The Mind‡

Greatest desire: To end up with Aashiq

Greatest dream: To run the most successful medicine shop, as well as settle down with Aashiq and start a family with him

Greatest fear: Rejection

Intelligence level: A little bit above average (math is her strongest point)

Mental state: Definitely sane, but her perception on what is right vs. wrong is just a tiny bit warped due to massive amounts of isolation during the War.

‡The Heart‡

Who do they respect the most? Aashiq, most definitely

Who do they respect the least? Azazel, but this changes as she gets to know him more

Who would they die for?  Aashiq!  He is the love of her life!

Who do they love?  Aashiq. 

Who do they like? Numair, definitely.  BFF’s, anyone?  :3

Who do they hate?  Anybody who insults either Aashiq or her lack of ears. 

‡The Unknown‡

List five important things about them that are unknown or not well known to the audience.

  • Lapin was a former Princess in her tribe.  She gave this up however when she got fed-up with constantly being told what to do, the final breaking point being an arranged marriage.
  • As a teenager, she did not respect anybody.  She would constantly pick fights, push people around, and all around be a total jerk. 
  • Not only is Lapin knowledgeable in the creation of medicines, she is also trained a little bit in how to spot certain illnesses.
  • Her long gloves are not a fashion statement; they protect her skin when she is working with certain plants, since some of them have very toxic oils. 
  • Lapin has also created various masks and protection gear for those who harvest and cultivate their own plants, or for when they are brewing their own medicines.

‡The Future‡

Do they want to get married? Yes!  Lapin wants to get married!  (Note: Lapin is actually currently engaged to Aashiq lol)

Do they want to have kids?  Of course!  (Note: she and Aashiq eventually have a beautiful daughter named Adan)

What is their ideal future? Please see the answer to her Dream Question!

‡The Plan‡

Will they ever be killed? …Honestly?  In certain AU’s… yes.  She will.

—How?  She dies of an illness that she could not cure.

Will they have a mental break?  Nah.

Hiatus update

Hi guys! Guess who it is! Hee~ Anyway, since ut’s been a while since I check back in with everyone, I thought I’d let you guys know I wasn’t dead or deactivated or something. I took that hiatus to keep away from hate on the SVerse for a while. ‘Cause you know, I did screw that up. I was trying to be blunt and polite but fuck people, whether in real like or online they never get the actually point I’m trying to get across. Know what I’m sayin’!? Ah well, it’s over and done with so who cares right :)

In case anyone’s wondering, I’ve been on an askblog I made and I’ve been having tons of fun with these characters! (My precious babies~) So I’ve decided to stick with that blog and just kinda leave this one as a blog for my writing and colab work with some of my friends. That’s right! I’ve having an unquality quality blog! Pfft XD Mostly my fanfics and some original works of mine will be posted here. But if you have any questions or anything at all to say to me, go ahead and leave me and ask- it might take a while but I do intend to get back to anyone and everyone!

If there is anyone following me because of SVerse reasons, please note that I will no longer be writing things for the Verse. Make no mistake! I still love it and love all the people a part of thew Verse- it’s just not my muse you know? I don’t smut really, and my fluff fics are apparently unwelcome in a rape/slave deal because it’s 'unrealistic’, and mind fucking with slavery isn’t my thing. Slavery and rape give me the worst case of worms in my belly ever! So I’m also not up-to-date on some thing because I can’t read the rape mind fucking fics. Sorry SVerse guys! I still love your works though! Always will! But yeah, SVerse isn’t really my muse.

If you read through all that- you get a cookie! <3 Thanks for taking some time to listen and I’ll be seeing you when I update again!


This is a character Zip made up, and Im posting it for her because her internet is being butt-tastic

anywHO This is Collete. She basically breeds/sells Remlits and Keatons (right zip?) She’s kinda like Agitha from Twilight Princess. Only with Remlits. And keatons.

Uhm… She’s basically tiny and adorable. And she doens’t fight. She has her lovely pets fight for her.


Ok and those are my characters next to her. On the Left is Solitaire and on the right is Sage. They be her little foxkeaton helpers that help her out with shopkeeping. Sol just wants money and Sage actually enjoys helping people.

YIP. Zip pls tell me if I missed anything~

Again, credit goes to Zip for creating her. The keatons are mine.

also could any of you please give us some pointers on what colors to make her clothes?

sometimes i like to think about Ghirahim actually meeting a keaton, if I were to toss them into the sverse

but then I realize he’d probably threaten to make fur coats out of them