sven volfied

Tribute to a Black Cat - Finished

(WIP here)

This piece took me almost a week to finish, but i’m quite satisfied with the result. I used a different coloring and shading tecnique here and a brick texture for the walls.

*wispers* i dont know how to background….


This crossover is a tribute to the manga that started me on this magnificent world of anime and manga, and drawing: Black Cat. I grew up with this manga, inspired by it and loving it to the bits.

Black Cat’s creator is the same as To Love Ru - Kentaro Yabuki - but its a completly different world and story, with assassins and secret organizations and cool bounty hunters.

I used my AU versions of Sans, Papyrus(which, btw, i’m changing his design) and Frisk.

- Ryker as Train Heartnet, 
- Papyrus as Sven Vollfied and
- Frisk as Eve with her gothic lolita dress(The dress has some lace on it but because its too dark you cant see it ;^; )

Black Cat universe © Kentaro Yabuki-Sensei
Undertale © Toby Fox
CarRace Au, Ryker © moi

‎"I can’t believe I’m doing this… I mean I couldn’t allow little Eve to be the bait that would be wrong… but at the same time I’m a man damnit! A red meat eating bounty hunter of a man! I’ve been trying my best to be a Gentleman for the past 30 years and here I am dressed like a hooker! I’m going to make him pay as the lady… I mean man that I am!“ 

Sven you are so fabulous max~