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In the meantime in Sven Dimension —

(Lance is one of the last Galra Hybrid? Or just a fluffy alien? Who know? Not me - I just wanted to draw blu lance with nice golden stuff. With Sven. Of course.

Ps: of course Keith is a rogue altean.I wanted to doodle the whole team, but I haven’t already chosen what they can be^^’’.)


The Right Way To Do An Homage #2

Voltron: Defender of the Universe - The Right Arm of Voltron (1:6)
Voltron: Legendary Defender - Hole In the Sky (3:4)


Sven 15” Saw | Perfect Camping Or Backpacking Tool

We all know that when it comes to camping, you need to have the proper tools for the job. However, those proper tools also have to comply with the amount of packing space that you have available and you can’t really carry an entire saw in your backpack, or can you? Presenting the Sven 15” Folding Saw that will make your camping trip all easier and pleasant.

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could u tell us more abt Sven/Keith? i saw u mention that they were a thing in previous voltrons n got curious thanks

They weren’t


If any couple should have been a thing.. 

Like, Keith and Sven were obviously the closest two out of the 5 (I think it was like Hunk/Pidge, Keith/Sven who were the closest buddies), and Sven was kinda older and more experienced and seemed like he’d be the leader, but Keith was, and Sven was second in command. Which seemed kinda odd, but was never explained why it was like that. (this is what I think VLD is trying to do)

And it’s obvious (both in Golion and Voltron) that Sven meant alot to Keith, but we never get the reason.

And that, combined with Keith’s seeming lack of interest in Allura, who the american version made inlove with Keith (wasn’t the case in golion) and some funny changes to the dialog, I think made it very easy to get the impression Keith was gay for Sven haha (in Voltron, less in golion) atleast until the special commissioned episodes forced Keith and Allura together.

Like the scene where Allura takes the black lion, in golion they are all complaining about her and saying how “Sven” would have never done that, and Keith is the only one who doesn’t mention “Sven” and supports Allura piloting black. 

But in Voltron they made Keith be the only one who says the “Sven would have never done this” line, and combined with Allura’s romantic feelings for him in this version and how he keeps shutting her down all the time, it just becomes really funny 

Then you also got “Sven dying” in Keith’s arms

The happy reunion where they hold hands and look into eachothers eyes

The original ending where Keith lets Lotor destroy Voltron to save Sven’s life

I dunno, I think even back then that relationship really stood out, but was never explained. So I think it left alot of room to do something very significant with it this time, and I wouldn’t be surprised if when watching the old series before making vld the vld staff were all

 “He loves you”

and then went all TOMODAAA and wrote them the love story they deserve in VLD haha (cause seriously if any two characters should have been the “gay couple”…)

But you kno, in DotU Keith ends up with Allura (for the american audience). Sven and Romelle were an actual thing in both, but in Golion they dun end up together either (cuz Ryou dies)

So obviously they could have gone with those two relationships too and just developed them into better more believable love stories than they were in the original, but I just wouldn’t be surprised if they decided to go the Keith/Sven way either, because well, there was definitely a base there imo.. 

Anyway, @misterpoofofficial is the fandom’s expert on vintage Sheith, so maybe they can expand on the whole Sven/Keith thing more

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The best part about sven getting shot, I saw it happen and just lost it. no one was up in my house, and I just lost it. Also the damn Space Hospital.


I lost it when he showed up on screen and started talking! XD    I love sven from the old series I’m so glad they put him in the new one 

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Ugghh that alternate reality angst tho!! It's too good! Like I screamed when I saw Sven take that shot for Lance and I just wanna see more of him! Do you have any headcannons about that alternate reality Shance? Like I love what you did with Lance being older and having Sven admire him

I KNOW RIGHT?? I lost my mind when I saw Sven show up and even more so when he protected Lance ;A; That beautiful man!

Hmm, well I love the idea of young!Sven having a crush on Lance, who’s more of a star pilot like he was in the original cartoon and more chill and willing to tease poor Sven. But Lance is Lance no matter what reality it is and so he’s still more than capable of being insecure and I’m sure he’s shown that side of him to Sven, which Sven found even more endearing. He wanted to support Lance as best he could, but in the end he just couldn’t.  It wasn’t until I was halfway through drawing that I saw @sir-scandalous post about Sven and how his Lance could be dead by the Alteans, which could be another reason why he harbors such hatred towards them. ;;

The Kindergarten Series - 12. Christmas with Kristoff

Words –  3906

Rated – T

A series of one-shots centered on kindergarten teacher Ms. Anna Lail and gym teacher Mr. Kristoff Bjorman. Ratings may vary per story.

Author’s note - Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! ❤️🎄🎁

 Previous one-shots – 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

     “Okay okay so you don’t think I should wear the wine red turtleneck dress? I’m looking at it right now and I see it as too classy.” Anna noted as she looked down at the few sets of blouses, dress pants, and dresses she had laid out on the bed. 

      It was 5:20 and Anna was having a little dilemma about what to wear to Kristoff’s house. Her hair was freshly washed and fell in soft wavy tresses, yet she was still standing in her bathrobe and trying to figure out what outfit to put on. She did not want to look too nice since this wasn’t a five-star restaurant type of date….no this wasn’t even a date. Kristoff merely invited her over to spend Christmas Eve with him. If that was the case though, then why was Anna worrying in the first place? 

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How Kristoff Saved Christmas

Note: Alas, I was unable to participate in Secret Santa this year, but I promised @kristanna that I would write a little something for Christmas nonetheless. Here is that something. I hope it is not too late, and that you still have some of that joyous holiday spirit within you!


His children are waiting on the stair. He sees them in the firelight’s rosy glow. How long have they been crouching there, peeking out with twinkling eyes for a glimpse of Santa? Anna had sent them to bed hours before, but what is a mother’s decree against the curiosity and liveliness of childhood – especially on Christmas night? No, they would not be content to lie in bed, letting sugar-plums dance before them in their dreams! Tonight was the night more marvelous than all other nights of the year!

They see Kristoff shaking the snow from off his coat and boots. In his heart, he knows they must also have seen his sled laden with presents before he closed the door to keep out the swirling cold. He had come bearing gifts. In the quiet of the night, he had hoped to place them beneath the tree so that his children might waken in surprise and awe upon the morn. But now he has been surprised! The game is up!

Or is it? Kristoff thinks quickly, a smile flashing on his lips. Without missing a beat, he races forward, gathering his little ones in his arms.

“Oh, what a story I have for you all!” he cries. “You’ll never believe it!”

He is so animated, so passionate, catching and kissing them. He plucks up his youngest daughter and squeezes her close. When he puts her down again, he sees she is enraptured by his energy.

“Tell us,” his children cry, all disillusionment forgotten. “Tell us, papa!”

He tells them how he was returning home with Sven, when he saw a shape like a miniature sleigh streak over the moon. What a clatter there was out in the woods! He and Sven raced to the place where they heard the object fall – and who should they find there but jolly St. Nick himself?!

His children gasp. Kristoff’s heart glows with joy.

St. Nick, however, was not nearly as jolly as one might expect. One of his finest reindeer, Donner, was ailing. He had no choice but to land!

It was Santa’s particular luck, however, to meet with a mountain man who was an expert on reindeer. Kristoff tended to the animal with tenderness and loving warmth, giving Santa tips on how to treat him. Santa assured him that he would follow his advice to the letter, but that meant Donner needed to get a good rest. With his magic, Santa could return himself and his reindeer to the North Pole in a jiffy, but that meant he would be unable to give presents in Arendelle.

The children’s eyes grow wide with shock. “No!” they cry!

That was where Kristoff stepped up, of course. He asked Santa to load all the remaining presents onto his sled. He and Sven would deliver them across the land.

The children are spellbound.

Kristoff regales his children with the tale of how he went from door to door, explaining the situation to neighbors and friends. They tucked the gifts under their trees while their children slept snugly. Kristoff says he wanted to slip into his own home just as quietly because he knew his children were all resting peacefully in their beds…

Here he eyes them all mischievously, smiling.

Yet, here they all are and here he is now!

He genially laughs and is then overcome by the clamor of cheering around him.

“Our father saved Christmas! Our father!”

They clamber around him, hug him, squeeze his hands. They squeal with joy, eyes shimmering with reverence and gratitude and happiness.

He laughs even more, a great laugh of pure joy from deep within his belly – happy to see them so happy.

“Now, get to bed, all of you!” he says earnestly, his voice still rippling with that same delight. “With all this noise, you’re bound to have woken mama!”

“We should tell her!”

“Yes, let’s!”

“Hush now,” Kristoff murmurs. “Let’s tell her over breakfast. It’s late and all of us need our sleep.”

“Aw, alright,” they murmur and shuffle away back to bed. He makes sure they are all warmly tucked in and saunters to his own bedroom.

Anna leans against the door, smiling slyly.

“You… you heard all that?” Kristoff asks, grinning sheepishly. “I… I couldn’t destroy the magic of Christmas for them. I just sort of… came up with it on the spot…” 

Anna’s smile only widens. “My clever husband,” she says proudly, then kisses him rapturously.

They sink into bed together, keeping each other warm.

noisypaintersong  asked:

Seriously just had the most ridiculous thought: Shiro vs Sven in a sparring match. Who would win? Honestly, my money is on Sven. He would just have to start talking and Shiro would be totally thrown by hearing his voice in that accent lol (we'll just assume that they didn't speak to each other beforehand)

That’s - a really good question and I’d be interested what other people think as well.  My gut reaction is to obviously say Shiro could take Sven in a fight but that might be selling Sven short.  We only saw about half a minute of him fighting so its very hard to judge.  I think we should take a few things into consideration.

1. Shiro’s Galra arm.  Obviously it gives him a huge advantage and he’s not shy about using it.  To the fact that he uses it pretty much exclusively even when other weapons are available (when he and Allura broke into the Galra ship for information, she gets a gun out of the deal but Shiro just sticks with his hand).  This puts him at a serious advantage up close and personal over Sven but also at a disadvantage to Sven who is shown to have no problem using not only a gun and a sword but throwing the broken remains of a gun indicating a flexibility with using whatever is on hand in his attacks.  If Sven could stay out of range of Shiro he’d stand a very good chance.

2. Shiro’s bulk.  Put side by side, Shiro definitely has more muscle mass than Sven and the real advantage of that is Shiro uses that bulk regularly when he fights.  It would be tempting to suggestion Sven is more flexible but its also hard to imagine anyone being more flexible than ‘leg above my head when I toss Galra’ Takashi.  I am tempted to say that Sven seems to move a bit more fluidly than Shiro because the attacks we saw tended to melt from one right into the other while Shiro seems to move from attack to attack, still smooth but not as fluid.  Sven also used his legs for attack and I don’t remember Shiro doing that quite as much.  Again though, once Shiro was in close range, I think his bulk would give him the advantage over Sven but if Sven uses his opponents momentum to fight them, it might actually work to Shiro’s disadvantage.  Shiro doesn’t fight tight at all and his strikes tend to be very extended.

3. Shiro’s time in the Arena.  Shiro’s very much a survivalist when he fights.  He uses the environment around him, he fights fast and nasty, he goes for kill shots pretty much exclusively.  He’s spent a year fighting for his life amoung the worst monsters the Galra could find and throw at him and he did it in such a way that he not only kept his senses about him while doing so but in a way that, somehow, inspired others, enough that Ulaz says ‘we all need you’ to him.  He’s undefeated and that’s saying something.  His motivation when fighting and the way he fights is all about winning and making it fast.  He’s completely deadly.  And he’s fought against a wide range of opponents so his fighting style is very varied and adjustable.  Sven on the other hand, we have no background on.  Chances of him fighting in an Arena seem small since the Alteans seem to prefer ‘civilized’ brain mushing over fighting.  But the way he fights indicates he’s been doing it for quite some time considering how smoothly he moves from one attack to the next and he sure looked like he was going for a kill shot with Lance with that energy sword.  The way he spits ‘Altean’ at Allura also indicates there’s personal emotions in his fight against them as well.  We have no idea if Altea has found Earth in that dimension or not, but they certainly found Sven and he is Very Not Happy with them.  I have no idea how matched they are in this area and I’d be tempted to say Shiro’s Arena time edges him out for an advantage over Sven but its really hard to tell where Sven might be coming from.

All in all - I’d still lay my money on Shiro, partially because he’s my man no matter how much I adore Sven but also because I think he’s got very minor advantages that someone like him, with his fighting analysis, could take advantage of.  But I think it would be a lot closer than anyone would be comfortable with, I think they’d both hurt each other very badly if they were serious and not just sparring, and I think it might come down to luck. 

Sparring-wise, they might both just call it a draw.  Unless Sven flipped out a ‘yatta!’ or ‘yoohoo’ before Shiro had heard him speak previous and then, like you suggested, I think it would be all over for him while his brain tried to assimilate that and Sven just popped him a good one.

thought of interest:

was I the only one that thought Sven was not using his right arm hardly at all?  And wondered, given what had happened to Shiro’s right arm, if there was a reason for it?