blueberrybubblegumbuttcheeks asked:

If you could pick the official ending for Frozen 2, what would it be and how would the scene go?


Oh my! Don’t ask me difficult questions like those, please!! Occasionally pictures in my mind about Frozen 2 (or what I would like Frozen 2 to be like) pop up in my head, and most of those pictures are about Helsa^^

I’m not sure I can write anything on how would the scene go… But I know I just want to see smiling faces on everyone. I want to see a big happy Frohana. I want to see happy sisters, happy Kristoff and Sven, happy Olaf, and of course happy (or at least content) Hans!

Even if I don’t expect for Helsa to be completely canon by the end of the sequel, I want an awkward scene between them (maybe some kind of parallel to Anna and Kristoff’s awkward kiss scene) that will show their story isn’t over. Hans and Elsa will develop mutual feelings for each other and I want plenty of hints of that. Is it too much to ask for a Frozen 3 to make Helsa fully officially canon? Because that’s other of my Frozen dreams.

“In the love triangle quest in Riverwood, I chose to help Faendal because he was much more useful as a follower (plus free archery training). Later, I came back with an amulet of Mara, married Camilla, moved with her to my house from Hearthfire, and made Faendal the house steward, where he still serves Camilla and her husband, the dragonborn, to this day.“

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