The Mummy - Prologue

Rating: M (to be safe; gore, language)
Main Pairing: Kristanna
Summary:  Hamunaptra. A place filled with history, legends and mystery. A place Anna Arendelle had only dreamed of finding since she was a little girl. When it seems faith supplies her with the opportunity to find this hidden city, she jumps head first at the chance to find it. But a revengeful mummy, an apocalyptic curse, a deadly adventure (and possibly love) where not exactly on her list of things to discover.

NOTE: The summary is crap, I know, oops lol anyways, the muse has finally tugged me hard enough to start this bugger? Idk when I will update? Maybe weekly? Not completely sure, but this is definitely happening. I can’t stand it any longer. It is going to follow the movie a good bit, some dialogue changes, some different perspectives possibly, but still pretty much the same. Anyways, I hope you all enjoy this adventure :) [also, I could not find a good replacement for Hans name that was as cool as Imhotep’s so I apologize for the lack of creativity/coolness there lol] 

Thebes – 2,134 BC

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#S W A G

I’ve been watching the classic Voltron lately, so I just had to draw these space dorks in their late 80s outfits :v

I can’t stop laughing at Sven (Shiro) and Pidge’s voices THEY SOUND SO RIDICULOUS ajkdhjash.ah god help me XD But seriously tho the classic ones are always the best. <3

Hope you guys enjoy!