everything about 74 epiphanies made me remember why i love rookie blue all over again. i couldn’t be happier tbh. “serve, protect, and don’t screw up.”


Happy Birthday To such an amazing person.


If you are anything like me then this very man changed your life. 

To most people he is just a simple voice actor, but to us (the TF fans) he is so much more. 

Peter showed me, through Optimus Prime, what it meant to be a hero. He showed me that you should always stand up for what we believe in. That you should never turn your backs on your family, and to always fight the good fight. 

He saved my life in more ways then not, and he showed me that you should never, ever, ever, give up. No matter what.

So today is not just a simple birthday, but a celebration for all the amazing things we, the fans, have been shown by the amazing Peter Cullen.

We love you Peter and wish you a very Happy Birthday and many more! 

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Sailor Teleport

Description: The command the Sailor Senshi used, as they stand in a circle with their hands joined, to teleport themselves to their desired destination.

First Appearance: Episode 45

Last Appearance: Episode 170


  1. Generally, only the Inner Senshi used this power to teleport but all the Sailor Senshi (minus Sailor Moon) used Sailor Teleport in episode 170.
  2. An extra person can teleport with the Sailor Senshi if they stand in the circle formed by the Senshi.
  3. Usually the Sailor Senshi would instantly arrive to their desired destination but sometimes they teleported part of the way and flew the rest. This happened in Sailor Moon R: The Movie and episode 170.