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Hiya! I'm from Switzerland, and I recently found skam and... I'm so mesmerized how similar our countries are?? like?? we're not that close, right?

You made me google Sveits for the first time since my presentation about cheese in 6th grade
It’s 6 hours (and 750$) with plane and only 16 fucking hours with car! That’s amazing! It’s shorter to you than it is to my family in Saltdal (Norway)!!
But yeah, were separated by Germany and 🇳🇴 and 🇨🇭 are a lot more similar than we are to them. Like skiing and cheese. You were way behind us on women’s voting rights but your politics in general is super cool and liberal. You were out wayyyy ahead of us on legalising gay acts (some parts since the 18th century??? Or is Wikipedia lying???) you were earlier than us on registering same-sex relationships but on the other hand we have gay marriage. (Still unsure ab the difference between civil unions and marriage….)

Don’t know why I posted all this it’s not important but I love social studies and history ok. Super cool that you’re Swiss, Switzerland is a country I can see myself living in one day! Also I mention your country like five times a day while declaring my neutralism like u did during ww2

All this may or may not be incorrect I’m not responsible Wikipedia is

Cool that you recognise your culture in SKAM!!