Пур шер Iuleashka - №1. 

Что-то на детские стишки потянуло… хотя, если бы я могла, я б запостила эту вещь с двумя песнями: Dreamer и Juliana Майка Несмита. Но не предусмотрено такого счастья.

Eh, Juliana! Let’s talk Nesmith: you’re the face of a dream I have drawn.


So, here, ladies and gentlemen, we have - Team Romashka. They are Romashka and his flying mates rocking the hell out of everybody. I don’t even remember the last time they were all flying like this, so here’s a suggestion to officially call this photoset ‘Team Romashka for the return’.


Help me. I wanna love Sveatik Ryjik again and again. I just SOOOO love him! People one cannot reach shouldn’t be this adorable!!! They shouldn’t!!!

Plus bonus - enjoy another photo of many where Mihai makes a ‘who am I, where am I, why am I’ face. And - Sveatik’s smile that always makes me melt down the chair… 


Zdob Si Zdub - Ты Есть (Victor Tsoi cover)

Guys, gu-u-uys!!! It’s Slavik Ryjik (aka Starush) on lead vocals!!! He’s excellent!