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I don’t believe we do. I thought it was only right to come greet a lovely woman such as yourself. {/a warm smile graces her lips as she cants her head to the side} I’m Yuko, by the way.

{ ` ; the polite smile she has on her lips fades, but only to turn into a small chuckle the mermaid tries to cover with the back of her hand, and she shakes her head, always a bit too off with compliments. } You’re a very nice girl then, Miss– Ah, Yuko. It’s an unusual name, isn’t it? But interesting, I don’t think it is Korean…? Anyways. { ` ; she cuts herself, shaking the head she didn’t notice she had tilted once again, to stop herself from going and talking about anything else not important on this situation. } My name’s Soojung, and it is very nice to meet you, Yuko.

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Im going to get a neuropsych exam soon and im so scared I've been faking the whole timeand im hurting Real autistic ppl if i say im asd spec and im fakimg:( ddoes anyone know what tests theyll do or what it will be likeim svared ~🐌

Does anyone have experience with this and can provide some advice/reassurance?

-mod har



If you relate to autism so much you aren’t just “faking.” Even if you don’t get an autism diagnosis, you’d likely get a “cousin” diagnosis, so you’d count either way :)


I would not worry because (1) autism isn’t and can’t be diagnosed from any biomarker whether that be neuropsychological or otherwise, (2) neuropsychological tests like brain scans don’t yield binary results. aka they may identify differences in brain structure in certain areas but the brain is much too complex to make any conclusions from such results alone (3) autism spectrum disorders under the DSM-5 results in “clinically significant impairment in social, occupational, or other important areas of current functioning” no can speak for your daily experiences or difficulties better than you can for yourself.

telechen replied to your post:[/exits a comic book shop, shoving the purchases into his backpack when he looks up and catches a flash of shockingly bright red and stops in his steps as he wonders what the heck it is. tilting his head curiously, he speeds up to chase the blob of colour only to reach it and find out that the red was just the shade of a girl’s hair] Oh, I thought you were a balloon or something but turns out it’s just your head. [/snorts to himself, barely registering that he had just said his thoughts outloud]

Wha— [/pauses, eyes widening slightly until realization dawns on him that he had verbalized his thoughts—again] Oh, just… your hair. [/he shifts his stare from the other’s face to her hair] It’s very red. Like a balloon. Or something.

{ ` ; she raises her eyebrows high, still standing in front of him, mouth slightly agape in waiting for his answer but then– he looks as surprise as her at the realization of his words and her expression softens up a little. for one, two, three, four seconds. } A balloon? { ` ; soojung blinks, the shock failing to leave her features. }