DAY: 89/100

Sir Ken Robinson: "If We Paid Our Teachers What We Pay Our Celebrities, Maybe One Day We’d Be Smart Enough to ActuallyKnow Better…The Simple Arithmetic that Will Save Our Education Systems & That Ensure Future Generations Never have to Face the Anesthetizing Industrialization of Schools Ever, Ever Again"

39. Suction Garbage System

Garbage is a problem in the subway. It gets everywhere. Cans usually overflow, the homeless usually rummage through them, and not picking up afterwards, and as a result, the stations smell, garbage gets on the rails, and could potentially cause fires.

Utilizing the suction system the city of Montreal is currently installing could solve these issues. Essentially, each trash can is attached to a vacuum system, which takes all of the garbage to a plant, where recyclables are sorted from other material.

On the user end, we put the garbage in the chamber, close the door, and it’s gone. On the city end, it means less labor, less danger, and less cleanup operations by the MTA.

Newspaper designed by John Caserta from The Noun Project
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