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hey! I really want to begin getting into the animation community on here. I’m 16 so I would prefer animators around my age because it’s just what I feel more comfortable with. If you’re older it’s fine but I might ask some for some help here and there because I am a baby animator.

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Do you have any tips for someone applying to SVA?? I'm applying for fall next year and im so nervous my work won't cut it :///

i do have some tips!! just so you know though sva has a pretty good acceptance rate, so hopefully that will be able to ease your stress a bit! here are some things you should include in your portfolio and tips for how to put it together:

1. your BEST and FAVORITE work! only put things in your portfolio that you are proud of and show you off! you are selling yourself to the school so you want to make yourself look as good as you can

2. include pages from your sketchbook! when i got my portfolio reviewed at national portfolio day from sva they encouraged me to include sketchbook work! they love to see that stuff because it’s just you being true to you and what you like and how you think. people tend to be much looser and more carefree in their sketchbook work than in their finished work, so often times sketchbook work is actually much stronger than finished work!

a good way to include a lot of sketchbook pages is to put images together in one file (in a pdf i believe! if not a pdf then just editing multiple photos into one image file is good) so that despite being allotted like 20 files for images, you can fit in more than that (don’t go crazy with it but it does give you extra space)

3. include some pieces that are drawn from life! ask friends or family to model for you and do some people drawings! draw some still life things too and include those, but only if they are good! sva wasn’t too hardcore about including a million life drawing pieces but if you have a few that are good then definitely put them in to show off your skills

4. don’t fill your portfolio solely with assignments from high school! art schools all over the country are receiving applications with all of the same high school assignments–schools want to see something different! they want to see what makes you special, they want to see YOUR work. so you can totally include assignments from school but your own personal work is more valued so i’d say to include more of that instead

5. show variety in your work! if you are talented in a variety of mediums then show it off!

6. ATTEND NATIONAL PORTFOLIO DAY if you can!! get your portfolio reviewed by the sva table so they can tell you what you need to add or replace

7. don’t worry so much about your academic grades/gpa because if your art is good sva won’t really mind! other schools may feel differently about this but i know sva isn’t crazy about grades or SAT scores so you don’t have to worry too much about that as long as you aren’t failing every single class

8. have fun with your essay! it’s an art school! they want you to get creative with it. speak passionately but don’t overdo it with flowery language. i wrote my essay as if i were writing a love letter to the school! 

9. until it’s time to actually apply, work hard on your art! do as much as you can to make a lot of finished pieces so when it’s time to apply you have a SELECTION to choose from. you don’t want to end up in a situation where you’re desperately grasping for things to put in your portfolio just to fill all the spaces and you end up putting things in that are not your best work. so work hard and make lots of finished art!!

i hope this helps, let me know if you want to know anything else and i wish you so much luck with your work!! :)


My SVA fall 2015 film is online!! It’s about an alien breaking into a cargo ship to steal something amazing.

Enjoy! ✨👽✨