my spring film is here! i sacrificed 6 months of my life for this baby so give it a watch!!!


My thesis film at School of Visual arts!
Huge thanks and lots of love to anyone who helped me work on this, and supported me along the journey of making it!  Hope You guys enjoy!

Voices were done by this lovely lad
Music by this lovely lady


Thank you everyone for your patience and support, I would like to officially present my Senior Thesis Film, “Tools of the Trade”! From SVA Computer Art, with original music by Tim Quick

I hope you all enjoy it! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

art school/artist things
  • not being able to buy food for a month because you bought 3 things from the art supply store
  • forgetting to eat yet drinking 10 cups of coffee per day
  • nudity doesn’t phase you. at all.
  • “fuck wrong layer”
  • watching the sunrise after you just pulled your 2nd allnighter
  • the constant smell of deadly fumes
  • drinking your paint water by accident
  • “you’re lucky all you do is draw”
  • dipping your paintbrush in your drink
  • spending the first 3 hours of class on critiques
  • *drawing in sketchbook* “did you draw that?”
  • photoshop crashing when you haven’t saved in 2 hours
  • “fuck the model moved”
  • “can you draw me something” *gives them commission info* “what”
  • constant back pain
  • when your tablet’s sensitivity doesn’t work
  • “i painted this using my own blood” “what the fuck”
  • when a gust of wind hits your portfolio and you become a sad mary poppins
  • math?
  • *ink splatters* well it was nice while it lasted
  • charcoal is every pore of your body
  • art history lectures
  • those white, heterosexual male film students
  • watching anime at 4 am when you have a 9 am studio class
  • that one kid that is just…bad. and odd.
  • someone farts in class and nobody gives a shit
  • 2 very different types of people: the fine art/design students and the animation/cartooning/computer art students
  • i haven’t slept in 3 days

My thesis film, Friend Fiction! 


Aria, a punk rock enthusiast, is set to perform in the upcoming talent show. Much to her dismay, her parents have her dolled up in the most traditional clothes with an acoustic guitar in hand. Come showtime, Aria decides to play her own tune.

My thesis film completed in the School of Visual Arts. Can’t thank my wonderful colorist @phuijl enough! SO happy to finally share it. Please enjoy!


hey guess what i made a film! here…is that film! if you want, you can watch it…!!! you can do anything you want.

they gave me an award which has a human spirit inside it!! very generous, i am covered in dust and very thankful. thank you! i hope you like it!


this is my second yr film + it devoured my entire being for 6 months! I hope you guys like it!


my second semester film, Familiar, finally complete 🌿✨