sv: season 5

Season 5 feels

My head cannon for season 5 is Will and Hannibal in adjoining cells at the hospital, and they are just utter dicks, and Alana and Jack have tried to have them separated, but they both caused such chaos–talking others into killing themselves, taking chunks out of anyone stupid enough to get close, and they always seem to do it at the exact same time no matter the distance between them. And when they’re restrained and questioned about it, all they’ll say is “I want to see Will/Hannibal.” So it’s just easier to let them be together, because they cause less damage.

It’s been a few years, and the two of them are content to simply see one another and be able speak to one another, though of course ever vigilant for an opportunity to escape, should it present itself.

When Clarice is sent in to interview Hannibal. Ideally Jack would like to use Will, but he knows there is absolutely no way Will is going to indulge him, where as Hannibal might be interested enough in Clarice to have a dialogue with her.

She doesn’t know that it’s Will Graham in the next cell, huddling in the dark corners, just staring at her in the most disconcerting manner. He’s the dirty laundry that no one in the FBI wants to talk about. But he’ll occasionally speak up in the silence, offer insight. And he sort of takes on that Louisiana drawl, makes her comfortable, draws her in until she finds herself standing in front of his cell. It isn’t the quid pro quo with Lecter from the books/movies. Will makes her feel comfortable, and she thinks she’s having these organic conversations with him.

And Will is just in utter disbelief that Jack is making the Miriam Lass mistake all over again, and he’s actually very sweet towards her and helpful, and it is Will who is helps guide her, and Hannibal just listens with that pleased smirk on his face. It is Will who she shares this strange relationship, with whom she shares her history (ignoring the comments Hannibal makes, but haunted by them later).

Alana tells Jack what’s going on and he flips out and tells Clarice to stay away from Will Graham, that he’s even more dangerous than Hannibal Lecter, which just seems impossible to Clarice, because, well, look at him. So when she goes down next time, Will suggests that she look into Miriam Lass. And then she starts reading more about what happened with Miriam and with Will (beyond what got published in the papers).

Clarice is now about done with these crazy son’s of bitches when she realises how they’ve all manipulated her, and the sort of danger Jack’s put her in, because she’s now read all the damage the two of them have done from *inside* their cells. (Let’s not even get into what various “groupies” have done for either of them). Will is completely different after she confronts him–he stands up taller, prowls the length of his cell, looks her straight in the eye, and he and Hannibal have whole conversations about her right in front of her that are downright terrifying, but she keeps going because they’re *so close* to Buffalo Bill.

Then Jack goes down, throwing around his weight, says he’s going to separate them after this, unless Will helps. They’ll take him to where the Senator’s daughter has been kidnapped so he can read the scene.

When they come to transport him, he manages to break free long enough to get to the bars, (or gloryholes, whatever) of Hannibal’s cell, kissing him, passing him the paperclip he got from Starling’s files through their mouths, and Jack is all exasperated and the two of them are pulled apart and Will is grinning this feral grin at Hannibal who just touches his lips gently and gives him the faintest smile in return.

Will plays his role–Chilton and Alana and Jack are all focused on him, so worried about what *he’s* going to do while he’s out of his cell that they’re sort of ignoring what Hannibal’s up to. It’s like some psychic bullshit, that right after Will gives them the information they need and they’re all tearing of after Buffalo Bill, Hannibal picks the lock on his restraints (IDK, it’s his weekly rec time, or they’re cleaning the cell like in Red Dragon, whateves) and just slaughters his way out, take no prisoners mode (except for Barney, who in my head cannon has been gender swapped and is the black female guard from season 3). And like they’ve timed it, Will is donning a police face to catch a ride on an ambulance.

Then Hannibal’s walking down some dark, desolate stretch of road and the ambulance pulls up next to him and Will swings the door open.

“Every single thing he does is a compensation for his disease, and him struggling all the time to prove himself. He is struggling with being crippled and not being the picture of someone who could lead an entire army, the fact that they won’t see his brilliant mind. It’s the most annoying thing, when you’ve got the answers, but you’re not heard.”
                                             ––Alex Høgh Andersen