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this is a callout post for @arduoususurper and myself. they made me like shane . they made me . they drew him with that perfect tummy and hairy legs and now i love him. fukc you . i’m trying to love harvey, that perfect doctor boy, but shane is becoming more and more beautiful and relatable. i hate this DIRTY DRUNK CHICKEN BOY . 

anyways, you should commission me. click here


My OC in Stardew Valley is named Dootie, because I chose the shirt with the skeleton on it and the first thing in my head was the stupid doot doot mr skeltal meme. Her farm is named Le Farmu because lol 

I might make a introduction post with better art later, idk.

I also have another farm which I might work on after the 1.1 update in which I shall marry Sebastian. 

To all my followers, What do you think if we make of June 1st “ScarletVision Appreciation Day”?

Because that day we will celebrate 41 years since Giant-Size Avengers #4 was released (June 1st, 1975), and with it, the Wedding of the Vision and the Scarlet Witch.

Who is with me?