Dear mickiio,

Happy Birthday

For all the help and the ways you’ve been so good to me, thank you.

For all the help and the ways you’ve been to fellow Sueweeties, thank you.

For all the ways you helped suzyjjang94 to be this big, massive, happy, thriving family and in recruiting people to help make us what we are today, thank you.

Thanks for helping us all get closer to each other.

I am so happy and feel so lucky to know you and to support Suzy with you.

You are an important and wonderful person.


Love, Hallmark (and Esther)

P.S. We also love your beautiful Suzy pic collection


131207 Kiss the Radio - Suzy Singing Don’t Forget Me & I Still Love You & Too Much Tears

[TRANS] Suzy’s cute baby fanboy  Chi Trans:  (有一天 孩子蹲着) 啊 漂亮~ 姐姐好漂亮~ (看见孩子再看一个有秀智照片的鼠标垫) (秀智姐姐漂亮?还是妈妈 漂亮?) 秀智姐姐 更漂亮 今天又 坐着 一边抱着秀智姐姐的鼠标垫,一边瞪着圆圆的眼睛 不停的说“出来 秀智姐姐…为什么不出来” Eng Trans: (one day, my child squatted down)  Baby: “ah! pretty!~ suzy noona is very pretty!~” (I saw my child looking at a mousepad with suzy’s picture on it) mum: Suzy noona is prettier? or mum is prettier? Baby:“ suzy noona is prettier” Today, my child sat at one corner again, hugging onto suzy’s mousepad. He uses his big and round eyes, continuously saying :“ come out, Suzy noona, why aren’t you coming out?( from the mousepad)” Eng Trans by suzyholic18 (take with credits please!) Chi Trans by dreamhighkhm Blog article from naverblog Source Reference: Suzy Baidu Bar | | cr @suzyholic18