Get to know me: 3/5 favourite females idols

Bae Suzy

Not only is Suzy in my top 5, but she is my ultimate female bias. She’s such a beautiful person, and I fell in love with her immediately the first time watching Dream High. She was just so perfect, her character, her acting, her singing. She is also like Krystal, who is beautiful naturally. There are many moments where she wears minimal makeup and she just looks amazing, and perfect as ever.  I started to love Miss A because of Suzy and I think she’s maturing into a beautiful women. She’s growing in every aspect, and just her professional she is makes me so proud. I intentionally only watched Gu Family Book because she was in it, but now that drama is one of my favourite dramas. Suzy will forever be my ultimate bias. I wish to see her in a drama soon, and I really hope she will get a solo album as well. I love Suzy, and everything about her. Please support this beautiful idols as well <3 Saranghae Suzy<<<3