suzy vernon

After all the bullshit going on…after all the stress I’ve been having, not only this month, but throughout the course of many months…this was what I needed.

This was such a wonderful experience that it leaves me in tears. The positive energy and excitement these guys brought and drew out from the crowd (of 2,000 people!) was simply amazing! I wish I had the chance to ask them a question but I’ll take what I can get and gladly cherish something meaningful to me.

And that is a memory, something I can actually smile about when I look back.

I can’t wait until September, I’ll surely be there! Until then, I’ll remember tonight and smile.

Thank you Arin, Danny, Suzy, Brent, and Vernon!


I’m glad so many of the Grumps got to touch Chris Pratt.

Drew the Game Grumps fam ‘cause I’m seeing their live show on Saturday night and I’m super pumped!! Fingers crossed I can give them copies in person~ (despite not getting VIP tix)

I tried to draw as many folks as I could think of ‘cause I didn’t know who would be at the show and I wanted everyone to feel included! O: