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I really like your OC Cassandra, and her relationships with Jim! But I must admit, I'd give a lot to see the faces of Jim and Strickler, when Barbara has announced that she is pregnant. LOL

Ah, thank you so much! I love Cassandra and it makes me so happy how the fandom has showed her such affection! 

God, can you imagine?! You know how Barbra chugs that jug of water after finding out about the trolls? I’m torn between Strickler doing the exact same thing (except maybe with some scotch) or…

He very calmly hears Barbara deliver the happy news, very calmly gives a very stoic “…Ah”, very calmly rises, and then - very calmly - faints. 

Once he recovers while Barbara sighs and rubs her temples at this man Changeling whom her heart has decided to love and whom she is having a baby with, oh God what they hell are they getting into, they give Jim the news over some tea. 

To his credit, Jim does not faint. But Strickler does not appreciate having tea sprayed all over him do to Jim’s spit take of shock. “You’re WHAT?!” 

“Pregnant, sweetie.” 

“But – how – is that even possible?!” 

“…Well, Young Atlas, when a Human female and a Changeling male decide to –” 

Barbara swats his arm. “Not. Helping. Honey.” 

But secretly she’s relieved - if Walter can recover enough to indulge in sarcasm, he’ll be fine.

After all of the shock wears off for both of her boys, Jim and Strickler’s main concern is Barbara’s (and the baby’s) safety, seeing as she’s the first Human to carry a Changeling’s child. But with the wisdom of a doctor and the ferocity and feeling of a mother, Barbara manages to calm their fears, though Strickler will still end up countless nights before the actual birth staring up at the ceiling, thinking of EVERYTHING that could go wrong, it will go wrong, how could this be anything but wrong, unnatural, impure

It doesn’t. 

And it isn’t.  

In fact, when the small, gently squirming bundle is settled into his arms, and Strickler looks down into the face that stills his soul and steals his heart in the smallest matter of seconds, a face that has his eyes, green and watchful and wide as he presses a shaking hand to the damp beginnings of red curls, a gesture that makes that tiny little rosebud of a mouth purse before she - his daughter their daughter their child their baby his world - looks at him once more with the whole world that is in those eyes and she


up at him…

When that happens…Strickler can only think that nothing has ever been more right. 


And I really tried to stay away, but the fact that I’m sitting across from you like this…


“I’m going to live recklessly and take care of people who are bad mouthing me. I’m going to kill bast*** I don’t like. I’ll pick up girls at nightclubs. And I’ll sleep around changing girls every night. <…> Do you want to date with me, No Eul P.D.? Let’s say I die after three months. Just for three months. Deeply in love.