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Riot Grrrl songs for the signs

Aries: L7 - Fast and Frightening 
Taurus: Heaves To Betsy - My Red Self
Gemini:   Lunachicks - Don’t Want You 
Cancer: Bikini Kill - Daddy’s Little Girl
Leo: Sleater-Kinney - I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone
Virgo: Bikini Kill - I Like Fucking
Libra: The Frumpies - Whathisname Hearts The Frumpies
Scorpio: Bratmobile - Brat Girl
Sagittarius:  Excuse 17 - Decatur H.S
Capricorn: Team Dresch - Fagetarian and Dyke 
Aquarius:  Fifth Column - All Women Are Bitches
Pisces: Heavens To Betsy - Complicated


L7 par eduardo placido
Via Flickr :
The Forum - 13/09/16 - London


L7 joins Marilyn Manson’s Dead to the World Tour, as a supporting act - 1996/1997

“The Manson tour was fun. Lots of bomb threats and Christian protesters. Good times.”
–Donita reminisces being on tour, February 2015

(Top to Bottom): Marilyn Manson draws pentagrams on Suzi’s ass, Twiggy kisses Donita, L7 on the last night of the tour, and Dee with (band) Marilyn Manson.