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Saturday, September 17, 2017

Union meeting today which stared at 9 a.m. and was to go until 4. However, we finished our work by 11:45 and since my favorite tiki bar, Psycho Suzi’s, is so close I decided to grab a little lunch.

I sat at the bar and ordered a Paralyzed Polynesian. The blurb for the drink which appears on Suzi’s drink menu is as follows:

“New Polynesian Paralysis: ‘A Screaming desire not to work, nor do anything that requires and substantial effort either physical or mental.’ That’s the right attitude. Made with 4 different rums, hibiscus, and citrus. Circa 1966.”

Sounded just right for where I was at at the moment.

For lunch I ordered the Hawaiian Surf pizza which is topped by Canadian bacon and pineapple.

When I’m there alone I love sitting next to the drink station at the bar where the servers pick up tiki cocktails (and other drinks) to deliver to customers. After my pizza arrived my bartender asked how everything was. I told him it was great. One of the chatty waitresses who was waiting for an order right next to me and flirting with the bartender said, “although I bet he wishes we would just shut up. I turned to her and said that I actually love to sit in the spot I was in to hear the banter between the servers and the bar staff. She said, “Yeah, I call all this Psycho Suzi TV.”

Moments later a woman walked by with what looked to be a two year old who was screaming bloody murder. Every time I hear a kid screaming  like this I wanna tell him it’s all just gets harder the older one gets so he may as well not sweat the small stuff.  My bartender pulled a cord to blow a really loud boat horn to startle the kid out of his misery. Now, this horn was really loud and I had no idea Suzi’s had one. When I asked the bartenders what it was for they told me it was actually to blow for boats passing by the restaurant which is located on the Mississippi River. They said the port authority recently closed the lock and dam just past the restaurant so big boats don’t go by anymore and now they just pull it to amuse themselves. The effects of the Paralyzed Polynesian had started to kick in and I came really close to asking if I could pull it but I chickened out.