suzuki shinichi

  • Kaito: Shinichi why don't you like sweet things?
  • Sonoko: Because he's boring
  • Haibara: Because he's bitter and salty instead
  • Heiji: Because he hates feeling like a child ;)
  • Shinichi: I feel attacked

Ok, so I was musing on @yesyunniechan‘s Chat AU and this happened:

* Conan has entered the chatroom
aaand here’s our brat
yo, Kudo!

Hi, Conan-kun!
Masumi: lmao
Ran: What do you mean, Hattori-kun?
Kazuha: Heiji, are you an idiot?
Kazuha: where do you see Kudo-kun?
Ran: What is going on?
Heiji: I mean
Conan: I have to go to the toilet, I’ll come back later!
* Conan has left the chatroom
Sonoko: again!?
Kazuha: Heiji
Heiji: ?
Kazuha: you mean what?
Heiji: oh, that
Heiji: I meant that he had to go to the toilet, like he said
Kazuha: huh?
Sonoko: what kind of answer is that
Ran: I don’t understand anything!
* Shinichi has entered the chatroom
Shinichi: hi, everyone
Ran: Shinichi!
Shinichi: Ran!
Heiji: that was fast, Kudo
Shinichi: long time no see!
Ran: What?
Sonoko: what
Kazuha: Heiji?
Masumi: I so love this chat

detectivegeekshin  asked:

Dude. ShinRan. With Body Swap AU. Pretty please?

This is over 3k, and there’s still so much I could write. Hope you like it dude!

It first begins on a Tuesday.

Ran is sat eating lunch with Sonoko, savouring her home-made bento, picking up vegetables with her chopsticks when it happens. She is wondering slightly, what Shinichi is doing with his male friends, missing how he normally eats lunch with her when everything just… changes.

One moment she is sat in the classroom, her back to the sun. The next, she is standing on the school’s roof, surrounded by male classmates, leaning against the walls.

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Detective Conan Zodiac Signs

Aries: Kaitou Kid

Taurus: Kudou Shinichi/ Edogawa Conan

Gemini: Amuro Tooru

Cancer: Mouri Ran

Leo: Mouri Kogorou

Virgo: Professor Agasa

Libra: Suzuki Sonoko

Scorpio: Sera Masumi

Sagittarius: Hattori Heiji

Capricorn: Haibara Ai

Aquarius: Akai Shuichi/ Okiya Subaru

Pisces: Hondou Eisuke