suzuki gsx r

Magic Kaito Chapter 34 Spoilers [English Translation] UPD
  • Kei: …comparing Kid to Buddha is a bit of a stretch, but it feels right anyway. <3
  • TN: Probably meaning is the other, but in this context mismatch word is used, and it has a meaning for an unequal competition. 
  • A: Geez… There you go supporting that thief again… Are you that eager to catch Aoko’s disapproving glare?
  • Kei: By the way, what’s up with Kuroba-kun? Don’t you usually go to school together?
  • A: Aoko went to his home to invite him… But he told her to go on ahead, as he wants to surprise…
  • [Kyah]
  • K: White… 
  • K: As I expected, white…

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The game changed when Suzuki announced the lightweight GSX-R series in 1986. The big-bore 1100 (1052cc) used DOHC, air/oil cooling and 16v to push the sub-500-lb (dry) Suzuki to well over 160-mph. Boxed perimeter frame and quality suspensions drew in buyers, but the Gixxer’s endurance-race vibe sealed the deal. 

words and image via Woodbury Moto-Media