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@daisy12pink sent us a fanfiction about Mikoshiba making fanfiction. Enjoy!
  • Sakura: so today, Nozaki-kun…
  • Mikoshiba: again with Nozaki? I get that you like him, but you really ought to do something about it!
  • S: I know! But… I’m scared… What if he turns me down? Maybe he’ll never let me come over and do his beta again!
  • M: But seriously, even I’m getting tired of hearing this when you aren’t doing anything. If you want, maybe I could help you tell him?
  • S: you would do that? Thank you Mikorin!
  • M: it’s a pleasure to help a beautiful woman such as you! …..why did I do that?! I don’t want to do something so embarrassing!!
  • M: Let’s see.. How can I do this in such a way that even Nozaki would understand? I’ve got it! I’ll draw a manga! Drawing those two exactly though would make it a little too obvious though… I want Sakura to be able to express her feelings, and I want Nozaki to at least have to think through it first. I know! I’ll draw them as Suzuki and Mamiko! Now, I just need to make the situation the same as one that Sakura and Nozaki have been in earlier… but now that I think of it, none of those situations seem to match Suzuki and Mamiko. What about that time they went on a date? Sure it wasn’t a real date, but if I just change it a little bit… I just need to make sure to focus on Mamiko’s feelings and how much she loves Suzuki kun! Now, just add a few finishing touches, aaaand, done!
  • M: Nozaki! I wrote a story with Mamiko and Suzuki. I want you to read it!
  • Nozaki: ooh, a fanfiction huh? I didn’t know you were such a big fan of my manga! Very well, let me see.
  • Suzuki: Mamiko, a new cafe just opened up! Want to go?
  • Mamiko: of course! (I’m so happy! I get to go on a date with Suzuki kun!)
  • N: wait a second, who are these characters?
  • M: Nozaki, I know my drawing is bad, but I LITERALLY just told you that they’re Mamiko and Suzuki…
  • N: I see….
  • Suzuki: I just realized now, Mamiko, but even though we’re dating, I’ve never called you by your first name before.
  • N: hold on a second! Mikoshiba, have you already forgotten? Mamiko IS her first name!
  • M: But you never specified her last name, and Suzuki calls her that from the beginning! How was I supposed to know?
  • N: Since it’s innacurate, I’m going to skip it and move on.
  • M: No!!!
  • Suzuki: So Mamiko, what do you want to order?
  • Mamiko: Cheesecake!
  • N: huh? Cheesecake? Mikoshiba, did you use Sakura for reference here? Mamiko usually wouldn’t order cheesecake.
  • M: again, how would I know? You never really specify what Mamiko orders on dates.
  • N: but obviously, Mamiko likes parfaits!
  • M: Fine, just continue with the story!
  • Guardian spirit: Mamiko, you should really order something and split it with Suzuki kun!
  • Mamiko: No! I want cheesecake!
  • N: That’s totally Sakura! Mikoshiba, what’s the point of This? Everyone is out of character, these characters are literally just me, you, and Sakura from the time we went to the cafe, and the drawing is terrible!… No offence.
  • M: but Nozaki! You’re missing the point!
  • N: About the only redeeming quality is that the flowers are beautiful.
  • M: But Nozaki! Just forget that it’s Mamiko and Suzuki for now. Just pay attention to Mamiko’s feelings!
  • Mamiko: He called me by my first name for the first time! I’m so happy! He’s paying to let me eat this whole slice of cheesecake! He’s so thoughtful! I have so many wonderful things to say about him that it’s hard to pick a single one! Oh wow! He really has so many things he likes about me? I love him so much!
  • N: …..
  • M: Nozaki? Do you get it now?
  • N: no… Mamiko wouldn’t be able to think these things without getting majorly embarrassed!
  • M: just forget Mamiko already!
  • S: Mikorin! Did you actually do something? It’s okay if you didn’t. I should be the one to say something anyway, and I feel kind of bad for making you do that…
  • M: I tried something…
  • S: Really?? How did it go?
  • M: Well, he just can’t see past the real Mamiko and Suzuki…
  • S: Mikorin…. what did you do?
  • -credits to @daisy12pink