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Why is Claw designing shock collars? Most of the members seem to be predators, would they also get collared eventually or do they plan to only collar certain people?


“A simple method of brainwashing. I told them the world would be a safer place if they joined and helped me in making these collars for predators. Its not too far fetched.” 

The predators in Claw get more control over their collars than non-Claw ones. 

[And you pointed out a thing that made me realize I forgot to draw the collars on the Claw drawings I did. Whoops.]

Picking At Holes In My Jeans by PepperHeights

Fic can be read HERE.

Trans Boy Ritsu, Friendship, Coming Out, Non-Binary Shou, Fluff. Completed. Rated: G. Word Count: 4039

Pairings: Kageyama Ritsu & Suzuki Shou

Trigger Warnings: None

Ritsu overthinks everything, but somehow still manages to come out to Suzuki.

You’ve lost someone you thought was the love of your life and I know you think it will hurt like this forever, but I promise you it doesn’t. I’m not saying you’ll suddenly wake up one day and it’ll be like it never happened – because it won’t… There will always be a loss, there’s no if’s or but’s about that. If you lose an amazing person from your life – that leaves a hole in your heart that nobody else can ever fill… You can find happiness, you can find other people and things to fill your heart in other places… but the space that belonged to that person will always be empty.
Because human beings are unique and complicated creatures, and when you combine two of them together you get a love that is just as unique and therefore irreplaceable. So don’t try to replace them because you can’t… and get out of the mindset that you’ll never love anybody as much or that no other relationship will compare to what you’ve lost. You don’t love people ‘more’ or ‘less’ than each other – you just love them differently.
The way you love somebody else will be different yes – but it will not be ‘more’ or ‘less’ or ‘better’ or ‘worse’… just different… and that’s okay.
You will find love again, but it’s never going to be the same love… and it’s only when you’re able to accept that and open yourself to the idea, that you’re finally ready to move on.
—  Ranata Suzuki | Don’t say you’ll never love again